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Span Columns

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On 2/4/2021 at 6:46 PM, mliving said:

Column Span YES!

Here's my work around for column spanning.

  1. Create a paragraph tag for the text/paragraph you want to span and uncheck No Break in Positioning and Transform.
  2. Create a column break tag for the bottom of the column that matches the current text/paragraph settings for the text to force it to the next column.
    (This tag also helps you find column overflow problems)
  3. Create a top of column tag and set its Below Paragraph spacing to match the paragraph immediately below the text/paragraph you created the No Break tag.
  4. Now you can quickly use tags to manage column span and break in an easy and efficient manner.
  5. Hope this helps! :)

hello there,

thanks for your workaround. i'm totally new to affinity products (1 week into) and am only now starting to find the features that are missing and issues arising from it.

could you re-elaborate on your workaround? i'm dropping out after line 1.


sorry for bothering!!!


overall though +100 to serif for their products! amazing to be able to get away from adobe finally!

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3 hours ago, miasma said:

could you re-elaborate on your workaround? i'm dropping out after line 1.

I think they meant paragraph style when they wrote tag and in step 1 where they wrote "uncheck no break" they meant "check no break". No Break is a character attribute under Positioning and Transform so you have to make it part of a paragraph style or apply it directly to the entire paragraph. Doing this will force that paragraph to span across the text frame because it refuses to break.

The workaround works but of course it requires changes if you add or remove text after the spanned paragraph and before the next frame.

Download a free manual for Publisher 2.4 from this forum - expanded 300-page PDF

My system: Affinity 2.4.0 for macOS Sonoma 14.3.1, MacBook Pro 14" (M1 Pro)

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This would be so useful.

My workaround is breaking the flow manually, directing it to a text box with wrapping -- but this can cause reflow issues if anything changes in a revision pass.

I will send the finest Irn Bru to the offices of Affinity if they add this.

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