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Lens correction tool and RAW upload

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I would very much like to see the lens correction funtions outside the Develop persona as well. I use RAW Photo Processor for developing (and that won't change), but I do need distortion correction.

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A far simpler solution would be the **functioning** integration of PTLens into AP (i.e. as a plug-in). Maybe the Affinity team should contact Tom Niemann at http://epaperpress.com/ptlens/index.html for more details.

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Traveling Man--no, in ACR lens correction is always on. I switched to DxO because of it. Maybe they saw the light and implemented it at a later date...?

Yes, you are correct. I thought it could be turned off, at least in LR, but the is not the case. That said, I cannot think of a case where I would want to turn it off.

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Travelling Man--in my case, I have an enthusiast compact camera (Sony RX100) which by default produces severe barrel distortion. In fact, most "serious compacts" have terrible distortion due to their svelte lens designs. When the lens correction is on in my RAW developing tool, the barrel distortion is fixed, but the quality (sharpness, clarity) suffer greatly, and can't be fully recovered. While it might be ok for the occasional photo, I really want the option to choose which is better for my photographs. For other camera/lens combinations I have, the severity of the distortion is much less, so the lens correction doesn't make as much of a difference in the overall quality. At the time I switched, DxO and CaptureOne were the only pro tools that allowed the lens correction to be turned off.

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I finally got off my lazy butt and opened a DNG in both CS6 and CC2015--I see what you mean. There is both a Lens Correction and a Camera Profile. The Lens Correction is the thing I had trouble with, but it looks like Adobe added the ability to turn it off in the latest versions. It has been so long since I switched to DxO that I didn't even bother to try PS. I'm glad they finally fixed that issue!


So, back to AP--I'm saying I don't want Lens Correction to be automatically turned on without some kind of toggle to turn it off!

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When I toggle lens correction in Photo it doesn't actually do anything, I'm still missing data from the corners of my original RAW file, data that is visible in Photoshop when I disable the lens correction. What can I do to ACTUALLY turn the lens correction off?

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