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  1. Travelling Man

    DAM Please!!

    If I misunderstood then I apologise. This is a place to make friends not create enemies. No hard feelings :-)
  2. Travelling Man

    DAM Please!!

    I really do not see what you are trying to prove other than perhaps indirectly claiming you are some sort of super person who is better qualified to define a DAM. It is very boring really so yes I agree there is no need to change the common understanding of the definition, and especially so given the nature of this forum. I am now productive again and will move on.
  3. Travelling Man

    DAM Please!!

    There is no such thing as a "real" DAM in my books for a DAM is a DAM and each variant will be designed with a specific end game in mind. You are just playing on words (sadly) but if that makes you happy then enjoy and have a nice day. For the majority of us a DAM is a piece of software that is designed to allow us to manage our digital asset libraries - the clue here is 'manage' and 'digital asset'. Incidentally, Bridge browses more than just photos. The link you provided is Wikipedia states the main functions of a DAM as being as below. I cannot see much, if anything, here that Bridge cannot do or indeed LR on a lesser number of media file types. Import and export of files, possibly with format conversion Enrichment of binary files with meta information for research purposes (eg IPTC-IIM standard ) Search for files using metadata, filenames, or other properties Viewing, viewing (possibly listening and viewing) of files Combine files into packages (usually referred to as collections, collections, albums) Archive and version files
  4. Travelling Man

    DAM Please!!

    But you are taking DAM outside the confines of this single interest forum. This is a photography group and people are interested in a DAM system that will support their browsing/management of images. LR/Bridge are without doubt DAMs, although they may not be universal in the type of files they can handle. Indeed Bridge has been developed as the hub of the entire Adobe creative suite. It is completely illogical in my mind to suggest that something cannot be what if claims to be just because it is not as functional as something that is used by "big agencies". That is like saying a car is not a car because it is not used by a racing driver! Image files are media assets therefore the likes of LR are media managers/DAMs. if you believe otherwise then fine but perhaps you should inform Affinity devs before they launch something that is not what it is claimed to be! Whilst you are at it there are other organisations that might also find your observations interesting!
  5. Travelling Man

    DAM Please!!

    You can categorise, rate, have collections, create stacks, search, tag, run filters and work on meta-data etc. What else do you want? Some will argue that not having a dedicated database is preferable. And Bridge is not hard to get hold of! It also supports "open with"which means you can use any editor you like. Don't know how you can say it is not a DAM! Some definitions from the internet - Adobe Bridge is a digital asset management app developed by Adobe Systems and first released with Adobe Creative Suite v2. Adobe Bridge software is a powerful, easy-to-use media manager for visual people. Adobe Bridge helps clear the clutter and lets you focus on what's critical with features such as the Filter Panel, which lets you quickly locate assets by attributes such as file type, camera settings, and ratings.
  6. Travelling Man

    Linux apps

    This question has been done to death. Just search the forums and you will see. The answer is pretty much a resounding NO. I personally gave up on Linux eons ago. It just does not have the software support I need.
  7. Travelling Man

    DAM Please!!

    Why not use Adobe Bridge as a DAM it is free. Personally I do not see any additional value in using an Affinity DAM unless it has a decent raw editor included in it. I have to admit t I hate the raw conversion tool in Affinity, it is nowhere near the quality of ACR and to be honest I think the likes of Macphun are now taking the lead. I had high hopes for Affinity but am now not so sure. Just my opinion of course.
  8. I need to do some work on the sky. However the horizon is complex due to buildings and trees (the sky shows through the trees). What would be the best way to do the masking. In PS I would probably use something like Colour Range. Thanks Colin
  9. Have you thought about using Adobe Bridge? It is free these days, I believe, so you can keep using it even if you cancel CC
  10. Travelling Man

    Takes too long to load

    About 20 seconds first load and 11 seconds for subsequent on a Mac Mini with 8 gig ram. That is as at today :-)
  11. Travelling Man

    Bridge function

    There is no DAM yet. If you have access to Bridge why not use it?
  12. Yes but a lot (most) of these YouTube vids are free and put together by people in their spare time. Irrespective of the quality of the presentation I have managed to pick up some exceptionally good tips. I applaud their efforts, practice will hopefully make perfect and I would not dream of knocking someone who is trying (and often succeeding) in helping others.
  13. If the DAM is delayed then I can see no future with Affinity. It is a shame but without the DAM my CC subscription will probably rule the roost. I cannot see Apple Photos being a satisfactory alternative for me either.
  14. With respect, the developers can say what they want but the fact remains that the DAM has disappeared into the distance when we were told 2016. In such circumstances conclusions will be drawn.
  15. It is not about wanting Photoshop it is about having access to the plugin market that can be used with Photoshop - such as Topaz, Macphun etc. Have recently exchanged emails with Topaz on this subject and it seems they have no intention of supporting Affinity Photos, Apple Photos or anything else beyond what they support now. Their answer will be, apparently, to enhance their plugins so they can be run as stand-alone apps. So this will be no easy task for Affinity.
  16. The Affinity DAM is a prerequisite in my books but it seems to have slipped well down the list, no doubt due to you now porting the main apps to Windows. The Dam should have come first - I bought into Affinity because it was an app with Mac focus only. Guess I will be with Adobe for a long while yet.
  17. So the DAM is probably a long way off, Chris_K? Possibly beyond 2017?
  18. There is one - I am currently looking at it in the Affinity Photo 1.5 beta which I have accessed via Apple Photos (there is an extension that allows you to edit in the full Affinity Photo beta work space). There is not one in the individual extensions though I agree.
  19. Travelling Man

    Replacing Aperture

    Does that mean we can add folders to Apple Photos via the media browser?
  20. Travelling Man

    Replacing Aperture

    Have you looked at Picktorial - it certainly appears interesting and there is a trial from the web site. Edited as I spelt Picktorial incorrectly
  21. Are they deceiving intentionally do you think? Have you taken that angle up with them?
  22. I think it will be a while before we see the Affinity DAM. I could be wrong (hope so) but somehow I doubt it. That said, the beta seems to play well enough (for me) with LR so I am happy enough with that.
  23. Not sure if it can be done in the develop persona by using more than one gradient overlay - you can only have one gradient per overlay. Being over to use multiple gradients is what I like about LR and Camera Raw.
  24. Travelling Man

    Affinity Designer keeps crashing

    I am getting similar problem with the new beta - open a nef from Apple Photos and AP crashes. Was hoping the beta would take me a step closer to using AP full time but no it is very much a beta and LR/PS shine in relation to the beta and the release version. Will revisit is a few months probably. Have to admit I am using Sierra but everything else is rock solid.
  25. Well that has shot the credibility of the article to bits :-)

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