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  1. I know this video. It does not sort artboards and bleed export problem. When slice is size of document, I do get cut marks with image cut to the exact size of document - no bleed (attached file). When slice is expanded with bleed size (+5mm in my case on every border) I do get the white strip (file attached in previous post). A.pdf
  2. Hello, Is there a way to export a document (book cover - 3 artboards), with bleed (5mm)? The only thing I have found is this: ...and it does not work for me. Either this method neither normal method (jus exporting PDF with print marks checked in options does not work. AD exports image to the exact size of documents, no graphics in bleed area. The impossibility of exporting my work with bleeds for print is a disaster for me. Please help, P.
  3. Hmmm... I just can't get it done properly. Everytime I get white strip around the cover and no graphic outside artboards (bleed area - 5mm each). See the file. Aslice.pdf
  4. Hi MEB! Symbols do work in current document only, aren't they? I do have logo of company, and many documents where I need to put them. I wish I could put embedded document (logo) and in need freeze it to change color. I was a little surprised when I have put logo in one document finished work, then worked in other and chenged embedded document, then I saw the change in first document. I thought, yes my mistake, then when placing pdf i just copy it inside document not have embedded it. However I am thinking about solution still (I am still learning Affinity Design & Photo).
  5. This does not solve the problem, what if I want to edit the logo more than changing color. The question stays open: Is there anyway to freeze the embdedded document inside working ocument?
  6. Hello, I have a logo in PDF vector format, placed in two documents as embedded object. Everything is cool, but in one document i need this logo in black, and in another I need this logo in white. How can I freeze embedded document in my design document, so I could edit it color without editing original document? Please help, P.
  7. Hi! Since I am moving from Apple to Korora (Fedora Spin), was wondering if Serif is going to make GNU/Linux Affinity Designer and Photo? There is huge gap in photo/image editing and vector apps on linux (I am aware of GIMP and Inkscape, however they are not pro apps). My main scanning/3D/photo editing has moved to Korora workstation (VueScan, Blender, Darktable), I am thinking of completely dumping Apple for Linux. Best regards, P.
  8. Thank You. :) It is working, however I am wondering why not use simple "+1cm" istead of current "+=1cm"? Also I would like to be able to do many transformations at once. For example, click object duplicate it and move duplicated object 1cm x and 2cm y axis. Can I do it in AD in one move?
  9. Dear All, How can I precise transform (numeric) an object. I want to move my duplicated object lets say 1cm right, and then 2cm down? Does AD have this possibility at all? Can I do precise positioning of guides and objects? Thanks in advance, P.
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