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  1. I am running into problems with the PTLens plugin, too. It's in Affinity's own default plugin folder (the one that opens when you click the button in the preferences), but it doesn't show up in the list of installed plugins. Please refer to the attached screenshot. Help is appreciated.
  2. Hi again, That button opens the list of adjustments, but opening the Soft Proof item doesn't activate my preset. Am I overlooking it?
  3. The export dialog is one of the places where this happens, but see my previous post.
  4. Unfortunately, yes, it does. I did as you asked, then opened a single 15 megapixel JPEG file, added a live denoise filter, and clicked the Units menu (to the right of the file's EXIF data, upper left of the window)... rainbow wheel.
  5. I'm on a very fast new iMac (see signature), and Affinity Photo is speedy enough under most circumstances, but when opening menus, the dreaded rainbow wheel appears far too often: click, wait, wait, wheel. I mean menus in the windowed interface, not menus pulled down from the top of the screen menu bar. This happens more often still when using a noise reduction live filter. I can provide detailed system information to developers if needed.
  6. It seems the Macro persona didn't make the 1.x cut... too bad, as I would really like to automate certain tasks. I ended up on this page looking for ways to use presets. I saved a preset in the soft proofing adjustment, but I can't find it anywhere now. How does one apply a preset? I am likely overlooking the obvious... hint appreciated.
  7. Thanks, MEB, that helps. But isn't the behaviour without the rasterise command still a bug? The crop may be non-destructive, but I didn't ask for it to revert to earlier settings. I'd think that the resize canvas command would simply respect the crop. As an aside, a percentage option would be really helpful in the resize canvas dialog.
  8. Preparing a photograph for printing, I cropped it to 125mm 1:1 @ 400 dpi, then tried to add borders to it using the Resize Canvas command. The previously established crop is cancelled, the document is resized, but not correctly. This happens consistently, which means I can't finish this job using Affinity Photo... The attached screen shots are perhaps NSFW, but that's what I was working on.
  9. I find myself having to spend too much time filling out export options. Here's a scenario that is likely familiar: you need to develop a number of images and they all need to end up as, say, 95% quality sRGB jpegs with a maximum width of 2500px. I'd like to either be able to choose a preset directly from the File > Export menu item or (and) have a command "Export again" that uses the previous export settings for the new image. Right now, one can't specify maximum width (etc.) in the export presets, so that's an additional problem. Incidentally, I find that setting export parameters causes Affinity Photo to use up all of my CPU, and this slows down the appearance of pull down menus and suchlike. I am not used to this, working on a late 2015 iMac with impressive specs (3.3 GHz Intel Core i5, 24 GB 1867 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon R9 M395 2048 MB, 2TB Fusion drive).
  10. I would very much like this, too. Having to launch another application just to add my copyright information when exporting an image seems an unnecessary chore.
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