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  1. Hi, Ive just come across a bug while entering IPTC metadata on an image. I accidentally hit the Creative Commons drop down and the list appears and set to one of the provided regulations but when I realised I tried to reset it to None only for the list not to reset properly. Although I can see None in the list it will not let me reset it to None. I’ve made numerous attempts, including rebooting the iPad but it won’t reset. I am a professional and need all my work to show as Copyrighted, I don’t release anything under the Creative Commons regulations. Although I see a tick box for Public Domain there is nothing for copyrighted material. Normal professional IPTC editing software, such as PhotoMechanic, or even Photoshop, allows the user to select a copyrighted option. I don’t see that facility within Affinity Photo. It may appear minor to some users, but real pros need the ability to assert copyright within their images, otherwise the software is pretty much useless to them. Any help gratefully appreciated kind regards Paul Saxby
  2. Does anyone know if the iPad version of Affinity Photo handle IPTC Metadata? I'm looking for an all in one image editor that will allow me to import IPTC metadata into the files. I know there are numerous other apps that will do this for me but most of them have quite a convoluted workflow. The desktop version of Affinity Photo only handles the very basic minimum IPTC Metadata required for what I do, which is the only reason why I rarely use it for my core work. If the app was more compliant, and handled more of the fields required, it would definitely be more popular with Pro Photographers.
  3. I would also like to ask for Lightroom compatibility. I edit over 400,000 images a year(from numerous photographers) and any help with automation is appreciated..
  4. Hi Guys, I wondered if it would be possible to use Actions and/or Presets within Affinity Photo. I am less interested in fancy tools, I just need an image editor that does all the basics, very well and very quickly. The ability to create actions and presets is a must for me so that I can process multiple images as quickly as possible. I also need the ability to add IPTC image caption data, so the ability to build metadata presets, along with keywords, is very important to me. Thank you very much for considering these requests. Kind regards Paul
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