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DxO has updated the NIK Plugins. Will Serif be committed to keep Affinity Photo compatible?

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Hi domink,
I'm still checking the plugins on Mac (was out this weekend and didn't have time to clear this up yet). It's weird that they were running before (although with a few issues) and now get stuck. It's possible i'm doing something wrong/missing something.

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Hi everybody,

The only way I found so far to use Nik plugins in Affinity for Mac, is to  re-install the latest free version of the plugins (they work quite well indeed...), and the new version in standalone. 

Not really a solution but in the meantime...

There is a thread on the DXO forum : https://feedback.dxo.com/t/nik-affinity-interoperability/3203
Maybe if some of the huge community of Affinity users post some messages on it, the DXO team will acknowledge that there is not only Adobe users on earth. ;)


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Here is the link provided me by Riley at DXO Support today.... the OFFICIAL compatibility chart for new ( paid version)  2018 Nik software for both Mac and Windows 7-10


Compatibility is charted only for Adobe family of apps  , and Apple Aperture 3 .

I note again that the Nik bundles have NOT yet been up[dated in any way for features, bugs , etc. They are the same plug-ins  ( version 1.2.11 bundle ? ) that DXO acquired from Google.

They're just been converted from a free to a paid bundle .  DXO has promised all new updated version with new features and OS usability later this year.

I also note that the DXO support rep said  the' new' paid version may work with other apps , like Affinity, but they do not support that...  also note in red the official NON-support for Mac OS-X El Capitan and Yosemite. YMMV

So---  It's probably a good idea to rustle up an installable .dmg or .exe for the older free Google version of Nik  if you can still find it






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On 6/7/2018 at 5:02 PM, MarvinR said:

@dominik Got the response from DxO

Monday, June 11, 2018 

I heard from DxO Support a shot time ago.  They resolved my problem of not being able to activate my copy of  DxO Nik Collection running on Windows 10 with latest updates.  These are the steps they had me follow:
1. Uninstall DxO Nik Collection
2. Go to the folder C:\ProgramData\DxO Labs\Licenses
3. Delete the two files nik2018demo.lic and nik2018.lic  (you may only find one)  In my case the file that was there was nik2018demo.lic
4. Reinstall DxO Nik Collection

Following those steps I was able to activate my paid copy of DxO Nik Collection and run plugins in Affinity Photo.  I hope this may be of help to others.  Dxo Support was very prompt in working with this. I submitted my support ticket on Thursday. I started a dialog on Saturday and the situation was resolved on Monday. Given the support folks were responding to a new release I was very pleased with their support.


Hey @MarvinR,

good and interesting to hear of such a quick and successful solution by the support people at DxO. I will keep that in mind once I decide to buy the latest version.

Thanks for reporting :)


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Hi Dewey,
On the Mac there's quite a few issues. Some plugins are getting stuck freezing Affinity Photo now. We will have to check if there's anything we can do on our side to fix it or if it's something DxO must have to look at. Meanwhile the free Google version works (with a few known issues on some plugins).

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Hello Forum. I cannot get Nik Efex to work with Affinity anymore.  Affinity never could access  the full range of Nik Efex but worked with the one I really wanted which is Silver Efex. Now it doesn't even work with Silver Efex. I know that Nik Efex is no longer being developed but the full range of Nik  still works with Photoshop Elements 14. Can the staff at Affinity restore this plug-in?

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Hello Affinity Support, 

There are several active threads about the newly released NIK collection. This demonstrates how many Affinity Photo users are interested in updating our NIK software collection to stabilize the software and support DXO for keeping it alive. 

Could Affinity please keep us updated about its progress in making internal adjustments to AP to get the NIK software working? 

It would also be comforting to know that Affinity is reaching out to/working with DXO on how to make the “new” NIK Collection AP compatible.

Perhaps it would be worthwhile to post your findings not only on the Forum but also on the company’s Facebook page.

Thank you for your consideration.

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