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Feature Request: Double Click to Delete Node with Node Tool

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Hello handsome and intelligent developers!


I have a small feature request.

Currently with the node tool, when editing a shape, if you single click on a line between 2 nodes, it adds a node. This is super useful! But i notice that a double click on a current node does nothing at all.


Double clicking a node with the node tool to delete it would be a great use for this currently unused action, and just another way to make the node tool a left-hand-free tool (since right now, to delete a node, i have to click it and then remove my hand from home row to hit the delete button).


Let me know if you think this is a good idea!

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True, click+backspace is nowhere near complicated, but it's an inconvenient hand gesture. Adding the option to double click a node to delete it  takes a previously 2 handed action (that requires your left hand to move to the wrong side of the keyboard OR remove your right hand from the mouse) and shortens it to an action you can do with your mouse pointer.


The only other reason i strongly suggest this addition is that currently double clicking on a node is an unused action that has no function as of now. This would be a great use for that action. 

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To better explain this idea, ive taken a small video of corel draw. In this short segment, i never touch the keyboard once, all of the nodes that are deleted are simply double clicked on. It's so intuitive when editing to be able to do this. 

*edit - don't mind my co-worker sneezing in the bkg, i didnt realize i was recording sound, HAHAHA!

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