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  1. +1I have the issue Mediamaskinen A mi me agradarΓ­a mucho que lo arreglaran.
  2. Well that's your criteria, I think it would be good but thanks for your reply πŸ‘Œ
  3. Wow! Sorry 😧 Sorry to ask for a feature that I find useful. I thought that is the objective of this space (ask for features and give feedback to improve the software). I do not expect my ideas to be accepted by everyone as if they were perfect, I only share them in the hope that some will be considered to be integrated into the application. On the other hand, I am not interested in making Affinity Designer a copy of Adobe Illustrator or other software, I only refer to other software to support the idea I am trying to communicate. I'm really sorry to have bothered you.
  4. Well, good question. I suppose that there could no longer be layers that were not associated with some "Artboard", not with this feature or workflow that I propose. Thanks for the question walt.farrell
  5. Yes, all that is great, what I request is to keep the layer panel more free. That only the layers of the "Artboard" in which you are working are shown. Example: if I am in an "artboard 1" the layers panel only shows the layers of that "artboar 1" and if I switch to "artboard 2" the layers panel shows me only the layers of "artboard 2" ". I think all the features of the Afinitty artboards that you like shouldn't have to change at all. It is just so that there is more order in the layer panel and not so many layers accumulate that it makes its administration more difficult. Thank you for your response and criticism.
  6. I requested something similar in a new topic, without realizing that it already existed (sorry for that). And obviously I second the request of TonyO.
  7. Sorry, I didn't see that one, I found another one, and I understood that it was not the same as what I was asking for. Thank you for your wake-up call
  8. Can you implement a function in the node tool that allows us to remove a node with one click? Maybe using a modifier key (Shift, Ctrl, or Alt) + click on the node we want to remove; or simply by clicking on an existing node. Something like this: Thanks! πŸ˜‰
  9. Can you designate an exclusive panel for what has to do with the administration of the "artboards"?, something like what illustrator has. Just so you don't accumulate a bunch of "Artboards", each with its own layers (be it a few or a lot) in the layers panel. Some way to show, in the layers panel, only the layers corresponding to the "Artboard" in which we are working, for greater order.
  10. I think it would be good if when we started to draw our designs, each figure was housed from the beginning within a layer, to start each project in a more orderly way. And I think they could save us the trouble of creating layer 1 ourselves. I think Illustrator does it like this, in the layers panel every new document has always "Layer 1" created by default and then all the shapes that are drawn are stored within that layer. *Also in every "Artboard" created, I think its "Layer 1" should be created automatically.
  11. Maybe if we add new alignment handles to the "show alignment handles" option. We would have: align to the upper left corner, align to the upper right corner, align to the lower left corner, to the lower right corner and align to the center and the middle.
  12. well, there is always the possibility to customize our toolbar But you are right in what you say, thanks for your answer
  13. Yes you're right. Yes, surely almost nobody would use that kind of functions, I thought about it because I used it a lot in other software (Corel Draw) that allowed me to create a macro where I combined the alignment to the center and the middle, so that I could do those two steps in just one, it also allowed me to assign a short-cut and even create a button of my own to that function. I think I will have to resign myself to continue doing things as before. Thanks for your reply.
  14. Yes, the method you use is fine. But I think having a single action to align to center and middle would be great. Thanks for your reply!
  15. Why In can't convert to curves or expand arrowheads? I have a stroke with an arrowhead, I want to expand it with the "expand stroke" option, it expands the stroke, but the arrowhead disappears. I think the arrowhead should be able to expand along with the stroke. It's my humble opinion. Thanks Arrow Head.afdesign
  16. Why In can't convert to curves or expand arrowheads? I have a stroke with an arrowhead, I want to expand it with the "expand stroke" option, it expands the stroke, but the arrowhead disappears. Can anybody help me? Thanks Arrow Head.afdesign
  17. Thank you Greyfox! I think it is better; but I'm still seeing a thin edge. I honestly also think it is a bug. For now, I think that with a mask I can hide that edge. To both of you (Joachim_L and Greyfox), thank you very much
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