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  1. I also have this same concern, and I think it would also be good if they gave the option to choose between moving to the node tool or keeping it as before (V1) in the move tool. Please consider it. Thank you
  2. I don't know if the creator of the video already reported the bug or is going to report it soon, but I saw it and did the test, and yes, the selection marquee does not work as it should in AD2.2 (nor in AF 2.2 or AP 2.2). Thanks!
  3. Maybe something similar to this can be done Larry: And like that there must be many other examples of what could be achieved with FX in the appearance panel. You could apply Fx to the fill and the outline separately not like now that if you apply FX to the object the effect is applied to both the fill and the border. Imagination would be the limit. Of course it is a pity that the appearance panel does not work with editable text as seen in the video that I share. That's another thing I'd like to see implemented in the AD appearance panel.
  4. I just noticed that if I delete a node from the middle of a curve while holding down the Alt key, the curve doesn't deform. Is there a way that this can be done with this new option to remove nodes? Thanks!
  5. What if right clicking on each split view tab brings up a context menu with a list of "view mode" options, so you can change them from there as desired.
  6. great, it would be very, very nice if you also try to implement the function of removing the node on one click or on double click, as suggested by TonyO in this old feature request.
  7. I ALREADY FIND A PROBLEM with what I did, the Link studio does not recognize me now Designer, nor Photo. ____________________________________________ YA ENCONTRE un problema con lo que hice, el estudio Link no me reconoce ahora Designer, ni Photo. Tendré que volver hacia atrás y devolverle los nombres originales al los .exe. I'll have to go back and return the original names to the .exe.
  8. Thank you very much randontako, you are a genius!👍👏👌 It also worked for me to rename the .exe from Designer.exe to DesignerV1.exe, so I think the name can be anything. What I don't know is why it works, but it works. I have not noticed so far that it negatively affects the application, in fact I did it with Photo and Publisher and the problem was also solved. If someone can explain to us why that change of name in the .exe solves the crash of the program in this specific case, it would be great if you explained it to us. _________________________________________ ¡Muchísimas gracias randontako, es usted un genio!👍👏👌 A mí me funcionó también cambiarle el nombre al .exe de Designer.exe a DesignerV1.exe, por lo que creo que el nombre puede cualquiera. Lo que no sé, es porque es que funciona, pero funciona. No he notado hasta ahora que afecte de manera negativa a la aplicación, de hecho lo hice con Photo y Publisher y también se solucionó el problema. Si alguien nos puede explicar por qué ese cambio de nombre en del .exe soluciona el crasheo del programa en este caso específico, sería genial si nos lo explicara.
  9. sí, a mi también me gusta más en check box, no me gusta mucho de lo que hicieron con el panel de capas.
  10. No me gusta la mayoría de los cambios en UI en general, los iconos nuevos más que nada. Solo la el icono de la regla, la mano, la cuchilla, y la lupa no me desagradan tanto. El icono de la herramienta de relleno me parecía muy propio de Affinity, muy distintivo, además era más vibrante y llamativo. Muy bonito. Pienso que a algunos de los iconos nuevos les agregaron complejidad que no necesitaban y que ya en los viejos habían resulto bastante mejor, más simples y suficientemente legibles. (Ej. El icono de Crop tool, el de Corner tool, el de Contour Tool, el de fill tool, el de Texto Artístico y el de Caja de Texto.) Otra cosa de otras que no me gusta es esta ventana, no sé, me gustaba más la anterior. Lo de marcar los ajustes de documento favoritos si me gusta. También los iconos de cada tipo de documento, pero el preview del documento con los márgenes o con el “marquito” que se le hace cuando se marca la opción de "crear mesa de trabajo", o el icono en el centro del documento (tal vez mejor como antes que le ponían en el centro la leyenda: A1, A4, Letter, o según el formato del documento), no me gusta estéticamente hablando. Lo del resumen del documento no sé para qué. La disposición vertical de las opciones de ajustes del documento me gustaba más que la de forma horizontal en pestañas. No entiendo para qué meten lo de la Cuenta de Usuario ahí, y las muestras, me gustaba más en la pantalla de bienvenida. Yo no hubiera tocado nada de la UI, solo agregar los de las herramientas nuevas y remozar alguna que otra cosita. Prefiero la mayoría del UI anterior. Pero bueno, ni modo por mí, me quedaré con la versión anterior. Espero no nos abandonen con el soporte a los que no podamos cambiar a V2.
  11. +1I have the issue Mediamaskinen A mi me agradaría mucho que lo arreglaran.
  12. Well that's your criteria, I think it would be good but thanks for your reply 👌
  13. Wow! Sorry 😧 Sorry to ask for a feature that I find useful. I thought that is the objective of this space (ask for features and give feedback to improve the software). I do not expect my ideas to be accepted by everyone as if they were perfect, I only share them in the hope that some will be considered to be integrated into the application. On the other hand, I am not interested in making Affinity Designer a copy of Adobe Illustrator or other software, I only refer to other software to support the idea I am trying to communicate. I'm really sorry to have bothered you.
  14. Well, good question. I suppose that there could no longer be layers that were not associated with some "Artboard", not with this feature or workflow that I propose. Thanks for the question walt.farrell
  15. Yes, all that is great, what I request is to keep the layer panel more free. That only the layers of the "Artboard" in which you are working are shown. Example: if I am in an "artboard 1" the layers panel only shows the layers of that "artboar 1" and if I switch to "artboard 2" the layers panel shows me only the layers of "artboard 2" ". I think all the features of the Afinitty artboards that you like shouldn't have to change at all. It is just so that there is more order in the layer panel and not so many layers accumulate that it makes its administration more difficult. Thank you for your response and criticism.
  16. I requested something similar in a new topic, without realizing that it already existed (sorry for that). And obviously I second the request of TonyO.
  17. Sorry, I didn't see that one, I found another one, and I understood that it was not the same as what I was asking for. Thank you for your wake-up call
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