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Here is a list of known issues with third party software:

Capture One (Windows Explorer Integration)
Problem: Crash when attempting to open files (stack overflow in NVIDIA driver). Affects Capture One versions 20 and 21.
Cause: Capture One's Explorer integration crashes if more than one instance is running at once
Solution: Disable Windows Explorer Integration by renaming the C:\Program Files\Capture One\Capture One 20\WIC\WIC64 folder to something else. Note: If you have version 21, the directory will be C:\Program Files\Capture One\Capture One 21\WIC\WIC64. This assumes you haven't changed the default installation directory.


ASUS Sonic / ASUS GPU Tweak III / MSI Nahimic
Problem: User Interface elements can disappear or appear stretched
Cause: ASUS Sonic / ASUS GPU Tweak III / MSI Nahimic interferes with Direct3D9 renderering.
Detection: Check if Nahimic is running as an active Windows Service. Kill the service and see if the problem temporarily stops
Solution: Start the application with --no-hw-ui flag, or stop the software (this won't affect the driver or functionality of the sound card)
User Provided solution (not verified by our developers): https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/147155-ui-elements-disappearing-on-hover-publisher-19-110/&do=findComment&comment=822640


Topaz OFD (Brazilian Banking Software)
Problem: Applications won't start
Cause: Unknown
Solution: Uninstall Topaz OFD


Brother Control Centre 4
Problem: Unable to update the Affinity applications (Setup Failed).
Cause: Brother Control Centre opens files within the existing Photo installation directly, preventing the old files from being removed (causing the setup to fail).
Solution: Close Brother Control Centre via the system tray, , or try restarting then immediately running the Affinity installer.


Fresco Logic Proxy Display Driver
Problem: Crashes at startup
Cause: It acts as a proxy display driver, but doesn't handle the kind of requests that WPF makes upon the Direct3D 11 runtime.
Solution: Uninstall, or try using --no-hw-ui and WARP renderer (unconfirmed fixes)


My Endpoint Protector
Problem: Crash when dragging in the Layers panel (reported with version of My Endpoint Protector)
Cause: My Endpoint Protector injects itself into the application and attempts to handle messages on our behalf
Solution: Upgrade to version or stop the My Endpoint Protector software



NVIDIA Optimize for Compute Performance
Problem: Document renders incorrectly
Cause: Incompatible with sparse textures (NVIDIA suggests disabling it for applications that use sparse textures, such as Affinity)
Solution: Disable 'Optimize for Compute Performance'

NVIDIA Surround
Problem: Application window remains solid black and cannot be used
Solution: Disable NVIDIA Surround. One user has suggested using FancyZones as Part of the Microsoft PowerToys project.

Problem: Instant crash at application start
Cause: RivaTuner hooks into Direct3D libraries and injects its own code, which causes the crash (neither Serif or Microsoft are at fault)
Solution: 1.6.x.x attempts to catch the corruption, and offers a slower, software-only fallback (with a warning at startup). Alternatively you can tell RivaTuner to ignore the Affinity executables (also add help.exe and crashreport.exe) by adding them to the list and setting 'Application detection level' to 'None'.

FastPictureViewer Codec Pack 
Problem: Versions prior to will cause a crash at application start
Solution: Install version or later

Duet Display
Problem: Versions prior to will cause no UI to be shown, other than a portion of the welcome window, and the document
Solution: Install version or later

Problem: Crash when creating or opening a document
Cause: D3DGear hooks into Direct3D libraries and injects its own code, which causes the crash (neither Serif or Microsoft are at fault)
Solution: Currently no work around other than to uninstall

Problem: Causes the Mesh Warp and Perspective Tool previews to fail if 'Mouse Mode' (Left click the icon in the tray) is enabled inside QTranslate
Solution: Disable 'Mouse Mode' in QTranslate

Actual Tools (Actual Multiple Monitors & Actual Windows Manager)
Problem: Application hang/crash on open
Solution: Uninstall the Actual app or try the suggested solution on Actual Tools forums here - https://www.actualtools.com/forum/read.php?FID=10&TID=5493

Display Fusion Pro
Problem: Application hang/crash on open
Solution: Uninstall the Display Fusion Pro app or close the app down, start Affinity and reopen Display Fusion Pro if required.
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