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I've been using Photoshop for almost 10 years now and I've built quite a muscle memory for the default PS keyboard shortcuts. It's quite a productivity killer and really convoluted to not have these shortcuts on the iPad. Having mostly similar keyboard shortcuts as Photoshop is one of the strong point I thing of the desktop AP app. 



I use affinity photo for iPad mostly using my smartkeyboard case, so I've got my keyboard handy for most of the time. This makes for a really intuitive workflow for existing PS or affinity on desktop users; using keyboard and Apple pencil and touch to navigate around. 


Another thing is screen real estate, when you can hide a certain amount of on-screen controll (things you can controll using keyboard shortcuts), you have more productive space for your canvas. 


These I deem essential:


  • X ;to switch foreground and background colors using the brush
  • [ and ] ; to increase or decrease brush size
  • numeric keys to manipulate opacity
  • cmd + j to dupilicate layers
  • alt + click to sample (for using brush or clone brush etc.)
  • regular letter keys to switch tools (e.g. B for brush, V for move tool)


Nice to have:

  • Cmd +i to invert
  • Cmd + alt ; easily control the hardness and size of your brush (this one would work really well on the iPad)
  • Alt + delete/backspace ; fill with foreground (cmd to fill with background)
  • A key or shortcut to toggle fullscreen


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  • Staff

Hi InnerPeace,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
The keyboard shortcuts weren't fully implemented in the iPad version yet. If you are satisfied with the ones provided by the desktop app then you will be pleased to know they will be the same on the iPad (when implemented).

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I bought affinity photo and designer a year but I do not use it. because I am too used to use photoshop. I have been used photoshop over 15 years.

It's a bit hard for me to switch and I need to fast finish my work, so do not have time to let me switch the basic shortcut at least. 

Like if I would like to zoom in. in photoshop is alt and mouse wheel to zoom in and out. and ctrl +T is the transform deform. 


Press alt key can isolate the layer display. (only show one layer). and hold and drag the display layer can toggle the display on off rather then click it one by one

Affinity Product is 100 times cheaper than photoshop. if photoshop user have no pain switch to affinity photo I think can glow up the user base much faster.

No need to give up your style interface development but only add one more option to the user. have a switch button. photoshop style or affinity style is more than good enough for us.

for painting area affinity photo have a lot of different competitors like clip studio paint and procreate They develop the social and huge user base. I will use this 2 softwares for painting. But I feel for the photo editing. affinity product do the best job on alternative of photoshop. I really would like to switch it because it much cheaper. but the user interface for me is a bit hard to switch and some of detail control (like layer display on/off) is not as good as photoshop still.

I think if the basic control is the same with photoshop (or have option to switch) but you have more custom user define interface( you already have). its already can switch a big group of user from photoshop to affinity product.

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Hey Chris Wong I agree. New shortcuts in Affinity Photo is like reinventing the wheel all over again. I wanted to buy the whole set of Affinity just to have an alternative and finaly switch to Affinity in 100%, this software looks great and finally there is a alternative to Adobe. Learning new shortctus is a nightmare, because Photoshop veterans (10+ years) usually don't even remember shortcuts, they are in there blood stream. It's like driving a car, you just drive it, you don't think where all the things you need to drive are. 

If Affinity made a switch or even a file to download and Load Photoshop shortcuts that would immensely, in one day, make them a real alternative to Photoshop, especially for long time photoshop users. That would bring them millions of new users. I think that would be a step one. Step two would be to make psd fully compatible, but that's a whole other story ;)

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