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  1. This has been an issue with designer from the very start and has been brought up as an issue since then, now with the update to photo it’s an issue there. I would rather NOT have this problem rather than all the nice touch gestures that came with the update (and I do love two fingers to undo... a LOT) This bug has cause so much frustration, so many things I’ve had to undo, so much time wasted, so many rage quits. Not every tool needs Apple pencil only, but MOST really do.
  2. That actually would work pretty nice. As long as the modifiers were double or triple the height of the icons this might work ok.
  3. I've got to disagree, I've never had issues with this.
  4. Gotta keep in mind, the new iPad Pro's processor is on par with an intel i5. I got one and it's crazy powerful. https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/a10x-is-a-monster.2049237/
  5. I do mainly vector work not photo's, but I have one of the sony NEX cameras at home so I can maybe try for you in a few a days. I havent imported things from the camera at all yet to be honest and never worked in RAW, but I intend to start doing so. AP does have raw support but I'm not sure to what extent. A few people have been seeing some bugs shooting in RAW but affinity is really working on it. Hopefully some other people will give you better answers as well. As for the iPad, get the 12.9 if you're going too work with photos like this. So much more screen, so much better... Also, if you want to draw on it at all you really want the bigger screen.
  6. There's only one WWDC a year I thought? But god, this is the app I really want, not photo. I'm with you, I'm just a hobbyist so I don't need anything really stable. I bought the iPad after Photo got released for it with the intent of a fully ditching my laptop for travelling (I'm out of town a lot) but now I'm just not vectoring as much. AP is still the best vector app for iPad, but it's just not Designer.
  7. Facebook might be compressing the image. My wife is a blogger and agrees that it appears Facebook compresses some images and that some images suffer and some don't. Try specifying "high resolution" or "high quality" on Facebook when you're importing them there. AP still has some bugs that need to be worked out, but if you export the image and it looks fine on your devices as JPEG but is ruined on Facebook, it's not AP screwing it up.
  8. This is actually already a thing (mostly). It still allows you to pan and zoom with your fingers, but your fingers don't activate the tool. IMO this is a make or break feature, any graphics app that doesn't have this isn't worth using and I don't know how some people get by not using it. Its in the settings, I'll see if I can find it and screen shot it for you. EDIT: In the settings go to the "Tools" tab and turn on "Touch for gestures only"
  9. The current setup is pretty unusable... holding down a modifier on the bottom centre of the screen is completely unnatural and it makes you have to switch between panes to access the other settings. The modifiers need to be on the left or right side depending on what had you use. The only thing I disagree on is the need for a spacebar modifier. I just enable that setting so that your fingers don't activate the tool your using, so your fingers always do panning and zooming, works great.
  10. I was hoping to see an option to put the command, shift, and alt key at all the bottom left of the screen. Transparent though.
  11. Every time I scroll down to check or uncheck a layer, as soon as I put my mouse near the scroll bar it gets bigger and blocks the check boxes. This is so annoying and end with me shaking my fist at my computer.
  12. As a complete photoshop newb, whats a light modifier and what did you use if for here? I'm more into designer, but I bought both programs because why not.
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