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  1. I am using ‘No Stabiliser’. Crashes every single time. The app is useless to me for this purpose!
  2. Affinity Designer for iPad is crashing constantly when I use the vector brush. This only happens when I set the brush to 'Pressure' in the controller. I can use the pencil tool without the controller set to 'None' and have no problems. When using the vector brush with the 'Pressure' setting, it works for a minute or so, then the app freezes, crashes and my work is unsaved. I'm working on the latest version of Affinity Designer for iPad and on first gen iPad Pro with 256GB Storage (35GB free).
  3. +1 yes, please implement this. It would be a great timesaver and improve workflow tremendously. Thank you!
  4. I’m having the same issue (I think). In the Navigator I have canvas rotation unlocked so I can whip the screen around for optimum drawing comfort (it’s an awesome feature, I love it!). Mostly, it’s fine, but then it gets stuck in rotation. Sometimes if I zoom right out and then try to rotate again it fixes the problem, but mostly I have to go back to the main menu and then open it again. I’m working on a fairly simple file, 16" x 20" 300 dpi. I’m on a 12.9" iPad Pro 256GB.
  5. I am also having this issue. I select an object or group of objects and try to move, but the obect(s) just keep transforming. I love the app, this is my only frustration with it. Perhaps it would be good to have a crosshairs appear in the center of the object on selection which can be used for move only? Something like that?
  6. Aha, pushing the line with the node tool perfectly fixed my issue. Many many thanks!
  7. If I have a point on a path that does not have any control handles, how do I pull out new ones? Sometimes selecting the point and selecting ‘Smooth’ in the contextual menu in node editing mode works and new handles appear, but sometimes they don’t. I have to add a new point on the path, then delete the point with no handles and then move the new point into the deleted point’s position ... not ideal!
  8. The only way I've found to do it, is to go into the channels palette and select the 'Layer Pixel Alpha' for the layer you want to select, then select 'Create Spare Channel', then select the spare channel you just created and select 'Load to Pixel Selection'. It's a long winded way of doing it, but I couldn't find any simple solution. It would be great if it was included as an option in the Layers Palette. Procreate has some simple options like this that make workflow much easier.
  9. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, so apologies if I've posted this in the wrong forum. When using the paint brush and selecting color (by holding a finger on the screen until the color picker wheel appears), the color sampling appears to be off center. It is selecting the color from the bottom of the color picker wheel rather than from the center. When choosing a color by selecting the color wheel palette eye dropper tool, the color picker wheel behaves as I would expect it to, as in the color sampled is in the center of where the wheel is positioned. ive attached some screen shots to demonstrate. IMG_0560 shows the image to be sampled (there is a small red dot to the left of the color wheel I am trying to sample). IMG_0563 shows the color wheel directly over the red dot when sampling color using the brush tool. There is no red sampled in the color wheel. IMG_0562 shows the color wheel positioned above the red dot when sampling the color using the brush tool. The bottom of the color wheel is touching the red dot and is sampling the color, but it's off center. IMG_0564 shows the color wheel directly over the red dot using the eye dropper tool in the color wheel palette. Here the color wheel sampler is behaving as I would expect because it is sampling the red that is centered directly beneath it. is this a bug or designed to be this way or maybe some setting I have wrong?
  10. Yes please add the option to have the brush outline. I was trying to touch up a photo yesterday and it's really tricky when you can't see what areas your brush is affecting. Thank you!
  11. Hi You asked me in response to my Apple Store review to post here about my experience with Affinity Photo on iPad. I am on version 1.6.3 running on 2016 iPad 12.9" with iOS 10.3.2. When working on my file the app constantly hangs and then crashes back to the opening menu. When I try to reopen the file I often get the error message that the file could not be loaded. I have to relaunch the app, then the file will open, but has lost my recent work. The file I am working on is large - 400 dpi, 4000px x 6000px. Is this the problem? I haven't tried working on other file because I read all over the forums that people are having crash issues. I figured you guys were working on it and there would be an update soon?
  12. I have the same set up as FlyingBee and also the same issues. Constantly crashing and freezing. I'm looking forward to you guys fixing this because I can't wait to start using this app!
  13. Please add modifier keys! The pen tool is useless without the ability to modify points without clicking back and forth between pen and node. This and so many functions would be speeded up with the addition of modifier keys. This is a great app, but it could be mind-blowing with additions like these suggested in this thread :). I'm unable to use the app right now though because of stability issues (but I know you guys are working on it). Please keep up the good work.
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