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I've been using Photoshop for almost 10 years now and I've built quite a muscle memory for the default PS keyboard shortcuts. It's quite a productivity killer and really convoluted to not have these shortcuts on the iPad. Having mostly similar keyboard shortcuts as Photoshop is one of the strong point I thing of the desktop AP app. 



I use affinity photo for iPad mostly using my smartkeyboard case, so I've got my keyboard handy for most of the time. This makes for a really intuitive workflow for existing PS or affinity on desktop users; using keyboard and Apple pencil and touch to navigate around. 


Another thing is screen real estate, when you can hide a certain amount of on-screen controll (things you can controll using keyboard shortcuts), you have more productive space for your canvas. 


These I deem essential:


  • X ;to switch foreground and background colors using the brush
  • [ and ] ; to increase or decrease brush size
  • numeric keys to manipulate opacity
  • cmd + j to dupilicate layers
  • alt + click to sample (for using brush or clone brush etc.)
  • regular letter keys to switch tools (e.g. B for brush, V for move tool)


Nice to have:

  • Cmd +i to invert
  • Cmd + alt ; easily control the hardness and size of your brush (this one would work really well on the iPad)
  • Alt + delete/backspace ; fill with foreground (cmd to fill with background)
  • A key or shortcut to toggle fullscreen


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Hi InnerPeace,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
The keyboard shortcuts weren't fully implemented in the iPad version yet. If you are satisfied with the ones provided by the desktop app then you will be pleased to know they will be the same on the iPad (when implemented).

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