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Anyway, do Linux users ever buy software ? Paying for software seems "anti-Linux" somehow.

Not necesarilly. Many consider 'free' as in freedom more important. In fact, Linux users pay the most per person for the Humble Indie Bundle; http://cheesetalks.net/images/humble/humble_average_platforms.png


And it's not like the average OSX or Windows user pays for their OS; it's all bundles with their laptop.

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HI @all.
I am a developer.
To resolve this issue referenced to Ubuntu version it's put `All the pieces` together.
A common mistake it's how to adjust existing code into library 
avambile to Ubuntu.


The right way it's which library is necessary to run our code on Ubuntu.
When we have the library
, the next big question how to provide single file executable.

The common solution its use *.deb files for app and *.deb files for the library - which it's a lite bit annoying.
The excellent solution *.
appimage it generates one executable *.appimage files with all dependency of application, so you don't depend on system library.


Quote for an appimage site about itself:

`Download an application, make it executable, and run! No need to install. No system libraries or system preferences are altered. Can also run in a sandbox like Firejail.`


I can help resolve the issue, by finding an equivalent of library's use on Mac Os version. 
Question to developers - so which of library's, is used for mac os version?

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