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  1. Thanks for this tip - equivalent on bottles is VKD3D and DXVK - for now app in bottles work with switch --no-hw-ui If Direct3D11 is for rendering document so on bottles (wine) is time to search which patch for VKD3D and or DXVK is use to run app without switch --no-hw-ui. On winehq and proton site there is many solved issue with flickering on D3D (VKD3D) after apply certain patch.
  2. I notice that flickering of picture is on any re-draw of canvas so it's performance of ( sothing like xyredrawcnvas() ) function that support redraw/refresh of canvas - i guess it's time too look for any .net related topic on WineHQ.
  3. On other hand, support codewaevers can increase plugin for figma that is use in web development for develope sites and web apps UI on corporate Linux Front-end and web developers machines.
  4. https://www.perforce.com/blog/vcs/using-open-source-code-in-proprietary-software
  5. There is even documentation of Installation process - https://kb.corel.com/en/128233
  6. The money solutions is write ✍️ for Steam Os and put in on their store. Here is link to guide for port app to Steam Os with set of recommended tools https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/store/application/platforms/linux
  7. Or as abstraction on virtual hardware https://www.nand2tetris.org/
  8. Flatpak, universal way to server application for any Linux Distro: https://flatpak.org/
  9. Build Linux app for KDE: https://develop.kde.org/
  10. Build Linux app for gnome: https://developer.gnome.org/
  11. 🚀 WebAssembly is the perfect runtime for server-side (or serverless) applications (example on RUST + nodejs) https://www.secondstate.io/articles/why-webassembly-server/
  12. Yes and no - because - it's version that support run on Linux 🙂 through browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc. @ this point make Web version by compile with https://emscripten.org/ toolchain to WASM solve this problem - This can be a new source of profit by consume for example the Saas Model.
  13. Look on office 365 - they have web version so it's not Linux desktop version issue - but rather make work despite which platform is using for run the product. This unlocking possibility to reach Home Use on Linux Dekstop and have big impact of Corporations Linux Workstations.
  14. 1-st solution - is the simple update path if distribute by flatpak https://flatpak.org/ if app and library will provide by flatpak repo - then Linux Distro agnostic. 2nd solution - If compile to WASM - https://emscripten.org/ and provide on server as Saas - then ( team manage update on server ) and user always have recent app version.
  15. Yes - Solution 2 is the hard way - the developers of Affinity Product have some knowledge of coding principle so this is not issue. Solution 1 it's easier - the use of change compile target to WASM with https://emscripten.org - and run on browser in native speed. This tool is to c̶o̶d̶e̶ compile an app the size and complexity beyond Affinity product.
  16. There are several approach to one code base for multiple OS - one is Sass in cloud compile to WASM and run in broswer thanks to - https://emscripten.org/ In that way compile are many application include LibreOffice - https://www.theregister.com/2022/02/19/webassembly_port_libreoffice/ The another approach is use SWIFT language On Linux and Windows: https://www.swift.org/getting-started/#on-linux This is simple guide how to code on Swift.
  17. Technically Compile to web assamble will took minutes o houres and run in Browser with native speed 🚄. https://emscripten.org/ On Buissnes side - this can be the Sass Model payment, hosted on server with account for any user 👤 just like office 365 account and login can be with Google or Facebook oauth 2.
  18. Book about multiple platforms in c++: https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.5555/1407390
  19. Another one guide. https://gamedevunboxed.com/getting-setup-for-cross-platform-c-development/?amp
  20. How run function, methods in code using python3 from Windows *.DLL or Linux *.SO by ctypes. https://docs.python.org/3/library/ctypes.html
  21. Another one guide for what is important when write C++ codebase for multiplatform: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33238345/are-c-applications-cross-platform
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