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Hello I am a new user and I am trying to convert a picture into a drawing.  I have seen several utube videos on this and it looks simple.

I'm doing everything as directed except when I get to the point where I am suppose to... got to the top bar,  choose layer and then "New Live filter Layer",   this print screen is from the training on Utube.



My new Affinity Designer version shows this.



Where is the "New Live filter Layer"?

I'm then to choose Gaussian Blur but my screen versions appears different than what I'm seeing in the Utube  trainings.


Is there a way to get this accomplished...turn a picture or photo into a drawing? 


The attach doc will have my print screens.




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The Youtube video is for Affinity Photo, you appear to have purchased Affinity Designer, which is a related but different product.


You may be able to get the software swapped if you purchased the wrong one in error

Due to the fact that Boris Johnson is now our Prime Minister, punctuation, spelling and grammar will never be worried about ever again.  We now have far bigger problems to be concerned about.

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Hi djvflyfish,


Welcome to the Forums :) 


It sounds like you have purchased Designer instead of Photo if you contact affinityreturns@serif.com they will be able to refund you so you can purchase the correct app.



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Hi djvflyfish,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

If you are referring to an automatic tracing tool, no, this is not available in Designer yet. There's plans to implement/develop one but it will only be integrated if the development teams are happy with the quality of its output. Currently you have to use a third-party application like Inkscape (open source), Super Vectorizer 2, Vector Magic or a web service.

Check those threads for more info:

- [ADe] JPEG, bitmap tracing to covert to vector

- Image Trace - Raster to Vector conversion

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For thwe record. I kept my Serif DrawPlus X8, which has a decent AutoTrace built in. DrawPlus X8 can still be had for about $25.00 US.

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