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Sewing patterns via multiple artboards

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My lady makes sewing patterns with Illustrator, and we'd like to bring her into the AD fold, but have run into a stumbling block. Here's what we're trying to do:


Create multiple A4 size artboards and align them edge to edge both horizontally and vertically (ie. we create a sort of grid out of adjacent artboards). We then draw the full sewing pattern across the artboards, and export each artboard as a PDF for clients to print out at home and tape together to produce the full-size clothing pattern.


In order to make this work, however, we need to be able to draw lines that will print on every artboard that the line goes over. So for example, a line from the top left artboard that continues onto the artboard just to the right should show up on both pages in the final PDFs.


I haven't been able to find a way to do this in Designer. If we put the line on artboard 1, it won't print on artboard 2, and if we put the line on no artboard, it displays on screen properly, but doesn't show up in the PDF.


Is there something I'm overlooking? Is there a way to print a single object over multiple artboards?

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Hi Greyscale,


Please note that we are in the UK and you posed your reply over the weekend this means you may not get a reply until the following Monday. We try to reply to as many posts as possible over the weekend but it isn't always possible to reply to everyone so please be patient. Unfortunately it isn't possible to do what you are looking for at the moment. I will move this post to the Feature Requests section for you :)



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This is a old thread but I found that the way to do this are to put the same content on all artboards. But then the layer function for the exported pdf dont work as I want. So for now I have to stick with illustrator :-( 

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