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  1. This is a old thread but I found that the way to do this are to put the same content on all artboards. But then the layer function for the exported pdf dont work as I want. So for now I have to stick with illustrator :-(
  2. I also need this function but I grade much more than one size between the large and small one (maybe 6) and illustrator are the only option for this now. I really want to only use AD
  3. I try to save a logo but the background become white in my PDF and eps file. I get transparent background when I export to png. Do I do something wrong?
  4. Hi. I´m used to make pattern brush in illustrator to make a vector object go along a path. Are there a way to do this in affinity designer also? In my current example I need a train to follow a curved path so its look like its going up and down a hill.
  5. Thanks for the help. And yes the rgb from pantone are in sRGB
  6. I know that the printer is using adobe 1998 to print, and I want the color to match my pnatone colors. should I use the rgb values that pantone gives or the ones looking the same in adobe rgb?
  7. but when I coose convert to adobe 1998 rgb the colors look the same but the rgb codes change.
  8. I do it just as you say but it looks terrible :-( converting to rgb give ok results, but to assignt to another rgb profile give terrible result.
  9. I try to attatch a file with my colors. I design with pantone tpx, but my customer changed printing to digital and now the printer want it in RGB (adobe 1998) green.afdesign
  10. I use the last beta version. I made a document in cmyk/8, but the place my costumer will print it needs the file to be rgb/8 (adobe 1998 to be specific). When I go into document setup and choose this, the colors change. When I go to check the rgb values its all wrong now. Then I change it to the right value and the color get even more diffrent.
  11. I have made a file in cmyk, but printing will have a rgb 1998, 8bit. When I change the document setup to this the values of my color changes. Then I manually go and enter my codes again, and the colors get verry wrong. Is this a bug or do I do something wrong?
  12. And I dont want to mirror but repeat my tile
  13. Hi. I often design seamless patterns and would like a way to test if I did it correct. In illustrator I tested this by fill a large square with my pattern.
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