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AP - Unlinking a layer mask.

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I want to create a mask that clips one unique layer but is not linked to it. In PS I would click the chainlink between layer and mask so as to achieve this. I can find no equivalent in AP. I have found a workaround but I can't help feeling I may be missing something.


The top image below shows my problem. I wish to be able to mask the green triangle but be able to move the triangle around while the mask stays in place without moving.


Moving the mask above the triangle, as in the middle image, achieves this but also clips the blue square below which I do not want clipped. 


The solution I have found is to make a group of the triangle layer and place the mask inside it but unattached to the triangle layer. See bottom image. This works fine. It just seems clumsy and convoluted. So am I missing something here. Is there a better way?






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Thank you. You are always one of the first to respond. It never occurred to me to search in a tool context for this. I've gone blue in the face checking everything I could in the layers palette!! Works a treat! 

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Hello also was looking for a way to do this....


Maybe you could add it as an option when right clicking on the layers palete.


Know I know where it is I'll use it, but it's kind of hidden for new users that are making a switch from Photoshop.....




Fernando Velarde


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