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Film Emulation With Hald CLUT

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You need Hald CLUT patterns which can be downloaded from:
and Raw Therapee:
You can as well use any other program which can perform film simulation, but in any case, identity file is required.

To perform film simulation, we require two files:
Identity Pattern  (file with unconverted colors)
Film Simulation Pattern
In Affinity Photo 3D LUT Adjustment layer has to be crated. In this layer, we have to use Infer LUT… option. The first file should be identity, second one result of conversion (film simulation pattern).

There is one minor problem, though… Hald CLUT identity and film emulation Hald CLUT pattern should be in 16bit format and with the same color space as Affinity Photo image. Here Raw Therapee can be applied.

With Affinity Photo or RT you can convert standard Hald_CLUT_Identity_12.tif to desired color space. Processing profile in RT should be neutral, and in Color Tab - Output Profile set to a destination color space.
Converted identity pattern file should be opened in Raw Therapee with neutral processing profile. Then in color tab you can apply Film Simulation. The result should be saved as a 16bit tiff file with a target color space.
RT.png - Raw Therapee




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thanks for the LUTs, some look really good so I´l be using them at some point for sure!


not so sure though from where you got the source and final image and what´s the purpose of this funky pattern?


really appreciate your efforts and looking forward to completely understanding your technique!

if I had a request it would be LUTs like these fufu black and white conversions so if your workflow would allow you to produce them in reasonable time I guess many would appreciate them  :)



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As requested - 3D LUT's for B&W. Now only Kodak

T-Max, Tri-X, BW400, HIE.


Funky pattern was generated with ImageMagic convert command. In this pattern, there are patches covering full colorspace.  In "normal" image only small part of gamut is covered.



           Pattern with "all" colors (Identity) ----> adjustments ... adjustments ----> Export result (Clut) ---> Save ---> Close

           ---> Open identity ---> Apply 3DLut Adjustmet layer ---> Infer 3D Lut with "Identity" (yes, again!) and "Clut"

           ---> File - Export 3DLut


Credits (Hald CLUT Film Simulation Collection, versions with 1RT in file name):
Pat David
Pavlov Dmitry


Michael Ezra
Pictures are my own, the small oasis in Napoli (Italy), Vicolo Miradois. RAW file developed "flat", white balance shifted to warm, Velvia 50 applied + saturation and little vibrancy boost.
Important. Remember that working with ProPhoto and other wide gamut color spaces can be little tricky. For B&W you can apply LUT's in sRGB and effect should be correct. 
And another example (Loretto, Italy) with LUT simulating Adox CHS 100 II film (IMG_2005).



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so you use the funky image as a base and convert the funky image with the adjustment CLUTs provided b< the other nice people in RTP and then use AP to infer the LUT between the two?


thanks  :)


Yes, and sometimes I build my own (adjustments...adjustments) as in the case of V50-ProPhoto.


To build your own you have to find original, technical specification of film and replicate response with curves, filters and lot of work. If you have some photographs (negatives) you can scan them and use a scanned image as a reference which helps a lot. The best situation is if you photographed some standard color card.


In many cases, you can not properly build "profile" for an original film because a film is unavailable now (to make photography of color pattern in a controlled environment, develop film, scan film and so on). So you have to rely on the other nice people  :)

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