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Could the "sensitive space" be enlarged a bit?

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I'm talking about the zone where you can re-size widgets in the interface or where you can rotate a selected object on the artboard. The zone where the cursor changes indicating the thing you can do such as widget resizing or rotate versus move. It seems like the "zone" is very small. I see this on other apps, too..maybe it's a trend; often the zone is 1 px high!


People with that level of super-human manual exactitude have my eternal admiration. However, I don't have it. It feels like trying to grasp a very thin hair with tweezers and 8 hours of that can be wearing.


Could there be a bit more of a zone for these things..just a bigger area?


Thank you for any consideration on this.

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I'm glad I found this topic, thought there was no skew on the object itself...

I would expect the "handle" drag point for that to be in the center between a side point and the middle point of a shape.

That would be good for the other nodes too, there's nothing in the way there.


Now that I know where it is, I can find it. But the rollover /button areas are really small even with tool size UI pref turned to largest.

You really have to make an effort to hover above that small area and use the skew function (or rotate).

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