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[Designer 2.5.1] Expanding rounded corner strokes creates jagged nodes

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If an object has rounded corners that only round the outside angle of the shape, but not the inside, upon expanding the stroke of the said object the outside nodes will be sharp instead of smooth. This is actually hard to explain in words, so I've included a video showing the issue and a sample file for you to try.

In any case, here's my attempt to provide a steps to recreate:

  1. Create a shape, such as a rectangle
  2. Give it a rather thick stroke such as 15pt or more
  3. Set the corners to rounded
  4. Input a rather low corner value such as 3% for example
  5. Expand the stroke of the object
  6. Notice the jagged outside edges
  7. Undo back to step 4
  8. Try again with corner value 0 and repeat
  9. See the stroke expands correctly
  10. Undo back to step 4
  11. Try again with a large corner value such as 30%
  12. See the stroke also expands correctly

This bug is not limited to shape objects, it also happens with simple curves, provided they have a low value rounded corners. This bug does not seem to happen with any other corner type. Also, this bug can be inconsistent, I've seen shapes that follow the "rounded outside sharp inside" rule expand correctly.


Sample File.afdesign

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