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Live Luminosity Range Mask Saved Presets ( Lights 1-6, Darks 1-6, Midtones 1-6 )


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Hi All,

Here is a share of my Live Luminosity Range Mask Saved Presets.  In addition to the original Highlights, Midtones, Darks ( 3 ) saved presets, I have included 19 more.  


This may seem too technical for many, but, I will try my best to break it down how to use these.  The file that Affinity Photo 2 uses to save these is called livemask_presets.propcol .  It is located in user/(folder)/.affinity/Common/2.0/user .   If you delete the livemask_presets.propcol file, affinity photo will replace with the original ( 3 ) livemask_presets.propcol file upon restarting the app., so, it should be fairly easy to work with.  If you have created any custom files and cannot delete and want to, follow the previous steps.  Otherwise, back up your file and save it to another location.

Please feel free to comment...

UPDATED... For the all of the users who already downloaded, Please download the new file V3 Hue.  

   V2 has been removed for your safety.   ( UPDATED ) to full set Luminosity/Hue/Band-pass.  See next page...

for more info on how to delete see...  

Live Luminosity Range Mask Saved Presets ( How do I delete? ) - Affinity on Desktop Questions (macOS and Windows) - Affinity | Forum (serif.com)

Enjoy - T V




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Cool...I had no idea it would work for Mac users.  Thanks for testing it out.  I made my first macro using these last night and I would bet it would work without the user having to install them.  These should be baked in IMO, and they are after shutting down the app in a sense.  It has been an interesting 24 hours of tinkering.  Hopefully, this will inspire others to help make Affinity Fun, Thanks for your input!  - T V

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Hi Twolane

I us a mac machine so these instructions are for that platform

You have to select the Luminosity mask, from the new Live layer Mask in the layer menu pull down menu.

Once this is open you go to the pull don menu (upper left corner of the live luminosity range mask, where you will find all of the preset luminosity curves. Just select one and you're off.

Hope this helps

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Hi Twolane,  This is what you should see.  Try restarting the app. I am a noob at .propcol files.  See the ( How do I delete? ) if you have not ( link above ).  It will explain all of the things I ran into while trying to figure out how I could start over.   Please try again, and keep us updated.  - T V  ( thx spiderpod7d for helping! )   


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I'm on Win11 x64. I renamed the original propcol to name+_ORIGINAL and left it where it was. I copied over T V's and retained the name, obviously, and voila!

I saved a backup of the original and T V's file to my v2 Affinity Settings (backup) folder as well. I just needed to know where to look in Photo, cuz I'm kinda slow at this Affinify magick stuff. (As I'm sure Walt and a couple of others can attest to.)

So again, thanks, T V, and thanks, spiderpod7d. It looks like it's working just fine for my needs.


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I am working on an update, doing a deeper dive into the curves using the screenshots overlays to improve the spacing and smoothness.  This should be an easy translation to the panel improving the symmetry as well.  Any input is well appreciated, as the math/spacing from curve to curve can be improved upon.   


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  • Staff

Not to be a killjoy or anything, but just wanted to reiterate what @T V mentions in his original post. Please make sure you backup your propcol files before overwriting them or messing with them, especially now that Affinity V2 shares content types such as Assets, Brushes, Swatches and Styles between Affinity apps. You may think you're only affecting one app but it could have a knock on effect to other apps and/or personas.

Don't want to stop users sharing content to help others but also don't want users losing any data :)

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Yes, I was noticing late last night that in recording Hue Mask presets they are saved to the same .propcol file.  So, any changes will affect your presets across several different tools.  I will build a profile for say 15' or 30' Hue shift covering the color wheel...Band Pass I will have to have a look at...next is a deeper dive into the math of the Luminosity ranges...BACK UP YOUR SAVED FILES, yes...no buzz kill here.  Thanks for the suggestions and good advice! Would be super cool to have separate .propcol files, but, we can work with this... :)   

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Right now, they are improved...really...when I overlayed all of the curves on top of each other I could see the relative spacing much clearer...figuring out a logical way to translate the graphs to the panel and saving my workspace so that everything was still accessible was the headache...It is freezing with snow in the forecast so, I will continue with this until I feel compelled into hibernation.   :)   

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