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  1. Hi MEB Thanks for responding. I am patiently waiting as I now prefer AP to LR and PS in terms of workflow and features. This problem is one of two deal breakers. The second issue I discussed with Dan (tech support) is the poor performance of chromatic aberration correction and fringing adjustments. I would like to see a major improvement in these as this is a basic adjustment that everyone talks about is easy to correct in post. Not so with AP. This is particularly evident when doing a new HDR merge as the develop module step occurs after the merge. The HDR merge exaggerates the
  2. HI Guys A number of users are patiently waiting to have the above item fixed in Version 1.9.4 or 1.9.3 a.s.a.p. While I did not use it in 1.8 I have watched all of Dave Straker's Macro videos and would like to try them, but can't because the feature is missing controls (previously reported Bug). Why when you do an upgrade would you disable a working feature that people want. I am not the only user patiently waiting for the developers to correct this situation and would appreciate getting some idea of when we can expect this to be fixed? My only other ask is an improvement i
  3. Hi Murfee Thanks for the update I wonder when a major feature in a previous version will be fixed and how long it takes to correct this. I too am waiting for this. I have switched back to LR and PS until this and basic colour aberrations adjustments are fixed and work as well as Adobe products. It is too bad because I actually prefer Affinity photo but the complaints and missing features that would stream line work flow are also missing. Thanks again
  4. Hi Bruce There is no rotate option with the Bamboo tablet for the pen tool Guess I will have to upgrade Thanks for your info
  5. Hi There I have a Wacom Bamboo tablet on my MAC Pro running 10.12.6 OS. I tried to rotate the canvas without success despite having checked the "enable canvas rotation with trackpad. Can anyone tell me how I can get this to work? I can zoom, pan and scroll vertically but not rotate. I don't mind upgrading to a new wacom tablet if I know which one will solve this problem. Thanks, spiderpod
  6. Is there a way to contunuosly rotate the view with a tablet similar to command Mouse wheel
  7. Hi Murfee I too am disappointed as I was hoping to use some of Dave's inaffinity macros. I hope it comes soon
  8. Hi All I am having the same issue running 10.12.6 Missing extra controls as shown in screen grabs
  9. Hi I was wondering if in the next update we could get a continuous variable rotation control of the image window for Cloning or touchup work as it is very hard to use the cloning and selection tools on vertical images. I was also wondering if cloning to a path would be possible to clone curved lines when retouching images on MAC version Thanks, any input or suggestions would be greatful
  10. Thanks Beau for the heads up I have downloaded the Beta 1.92 and will try it. Thanks again
  11. Hi Dave (dmstraker) Are your Procedural Texture macros cross platform compatible. I run on MAC and have had trouble with your macros in 1.9.1 I don't code but am really interested in getting your macros to work especially the Luminosity ones I have attached a screen capture of what they look like. (missing sliders) Thanks for any info
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