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Arguably, it's a very useful feature that only works well with very carefully chosen example images.

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Content aware scaling is actually a really great feature. The examples in the first post are extreme, but it is actually great for doing subtle stretches on a wide range of images to make them fit different aspect ratios. I also use content aware scaling to extend paintings or textures all the time.

I've just recently started playing with Affinity Photo in the hopes of ditching photoshop completely, and this feature really is one of the only must-haves that is missing for me. Please consider implementing this! It really is an impressive and useful tool.

I'm loving Affinity Photo so far, great job and thank you very much!

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Cool, thanks for the clarification. It seems the feature is called content aware scale in photoshop, and liquid scale in gimp, I think.


It isn't a "content aware scaling" but a "liquid rescale". 




A "content aware" is a method where new data is created by searching surroundings. 

A "liquid rescale" is a method where the existing data is stretched or shrinked like a water would split from cup on flat surface. 

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this  content aware feature would be  more usefull added as a crop tool option. It can work in conjunction with the  Straighten image tool to fill the areas resulted after picture get rotated.


Also it kinda works in photohsop because it has further options like "Protect" and because it works with selections.  Damn Gimp also has this ?

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Whatever you call it a function similar to Photoshops content aware scaling would be most welcomed by me anyway. It is a hugely useful tool for digital artists or anyone using photo-manipulation techniques. I have often used it when manipulating photos for professional photographers who have a problem with a composition. 

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