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  1. Can you provide that file into SVG, AI etc format and/or to a bitmap preview pls ! I might want to check them out and dont have designer installed anymore. Might also want to post them in OP.
  2. this one? in that case pls change the title since the divide leaves the same paths on rectangle shapes as well.
  3. many thanks! I suppose someone already reported this as a bug. indeed they are not overlapping after the Divide operation.
  4. hmmm but you just showed that they are not working. The point of mockups is to replace the "smart object" with you own file and not redoing the whole perspective/warping transform
  5. union doesnt do the job and leaves isolated paths behind. What exactly is moving the handles?
  6. I dont find these nondestructive booleans very usefull in case of more intricate shapes like celtic knots. How they can help you speed up the creation of these kind of shapes?
  7. They are pretty simple and fast to accomplish in Illustrator mainly due to Shape Builder tool. Anyone can upload a tutorial on this ?
  8. this content aware feature would be more usefull added as a crop tool option. It can work in conjunction with the Straighten image tool to fill the areas resulted after picture get rotated. Also it kinda works in photohsop because it has further options like "Protect" and because it works with selections. Damn Gimp also has this ?
  9. In illustrator that would be just a 5 seconds run with the Shape builder tool through all those overlapping shapes.
  10. It would be smth basic the one from Affinity Photo meaning an mesh with some control nodes? a set of tools to distort and warp (implying a brush and manually tweaking) or smth applied globally like the Distort and transform, Warp effects in Illustrator?
  11. thats its not single feature but whole bunch of them and each one with lots of option and controls. The entire Effects menu on other words. I can hardly call that a slight edge.
  12. Inkscape has a a weird workflow but seems damn powerfull. Just like Blender. Wish more effort been put in its development like the latter is currently having. I guses that is a sort of Blend tool in Illustrator? Yup AD really needs that along with the other effects like waveform, zigzag, scribble, fisheye, pucker and bloat etc. Otherwise it feel more orientated to UI design than anything else. It needs this vector artistic tools and effects.
  13. if you look carefully you can actually see the white house :)
  14. obvious ! the video its not about icons solely. What kind of remark its that ! personal opinions or not, presented as facts or not, its the tendency towards favoring totally other icon style to the current one I wanted to hint here and its not a just a personal fad. Dont know what you expected to find, scientific studies? Whats the problem with Youtube? where do you expect to observe these tendencies? On proffesional online mediums like Behance or Dribble? Well you dont even have to bother. You can take my word that those are " heavens " of the so called " modern design ". Fad or not
  15. The comments are addressing the look of the icons not because this would be a decisive factor that prevents them for using the program but as a reaction to the video author own "shallow" manner of reviewing and comparing the products starting with this very subject. And one would expect more positive comments from AP users as well considering this guy channel audience ( I think the most popular out there when comes to AP). Though I dont know how this would be more relevant than those supposedly coming mostly from the firm PS users. One conclusion would be that AP users dont care
  16. I cant even count the number of the posts simply stating that the AP icons looks childish. No discussions whatsoever and noone defending the "merits" of the AF icon style.
  17. BUMP just found this video and yup most of the people commenting on this review expressed their preference for a more clean icon set
  18. So PS has this special blending mode for the brushes. It allows you to paint only on transparent pixels kinda like the opposite of locking the transparent pixels in the layers panel of PS or protect alpha option for brushes in AF. Does Affinity have this option ? https://photoshoptrainingchannel.com/tips/brush-tool-blend-modes/
  19. Halftone and others as live filters, and more artistic filters be it only as normal filters are so needed for more creative workflows. besides photo retouching its quite a hassle to get the same results as with PS without a larger set of live filters.
  20. Affinity Windows 10 Hero wallpaper (full resolution in the attachement) since I couldnt find a bigger resolution of the Affinity coming to windows screen I decided to do it my own and more faithfull to the orginal Windows 10 hero wallpaper style. Inspired by this tutorial http://abduzeedo.com/node/81683but he missed some steps and its not very clear. Plus requires a lot of eperimentation.
  21. never used this plugin. Any video on how it works on Affinity Photo? I want some of the artistic filters from photoshop AF doesnt have.
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