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  1. If 2.0 is years away I guess my final switch from PS to Affinity is also years away. Maybe GIMP could be the solution. I have the impression the development of GIMP is finally speeding up to a very reasonable cycle. Maybe it won't be Affinity but GIMP. But we'll see.
  2. The latest version of PS does have a "find tool/function" search, too.
  3. I second this. Indeed very important for texture work. One should switch between "tiled" and "not tiled".
  4. Hello, In Affinity Photo the use of certain tools (e. g. brush) creates a new pixel layer automatically. This is not the case for bucket fill. If you use this tool on an empty image (= no layers) nothing happens. I think it would be a good idea that also bucket fill creates a new (filled) pixel layer automatically. This would be not only more convenient in means of UX, it would make Affinity Photo also more consistent.
  5. Please see the attached animation.
  6. Hello, In PS you can "scroll-select" layers. I'm not sure how this feature is normally called, so please have a look at my example picture. You LMB-click on one layer, have the LMB pressed down, and then you drag over other layers you want to enable or disable respectively. This is a very convenient feature I'd like to see in Affinity Photo, too. :-)
  7. Hello, My proposal is to implement a checkbox where you can disable certain pop-overs to be shown in the future. In my example picture it is the info message that tells you that the active document was converted to sRBG. I think this change would make Affinity Photo a little bit more convenient. :-)
  8. I already did for Premiere and Illustrator. Affinity Designer is a great alternative to Illustrator. For Premiere I chose EDIUS as an alternative which is absolutely on par (if not even better) with Premiere. I really recommend that video editor! Affinity Photo still needs a bit of love to be an alternative for me, but I always have an eye on that program, too.
  9. "Affinity Action" would be VERY welcomed by me. I want to get rid of everything Adobe-related, including Premiere Pro. Luckily, there are already some very good alternatives to Premiere, but why not an alternative from Affinity as well? :-)