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[Designer] Add ability to export all artboards automatically


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It's great that Designer now supports artboards. But when working with multiple artboards it is tedious to have to export them individually to files bitmap based file formats.


Please add the ability to export all artboards automatically. File names should be derived from artboard names. Artboards could also have index numbers and one should be able to export ranges of artboards.

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Thanks for the reply. I am still getting used to the different workflows in Affinity suite. I really like it but it's sufficiently different that I simply don't see things as my brain is expecting something entirely different. I'll get there eventually, especially now that I have forced myself to use only Photo and Designer for all my personal work.




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In Design, is there a way to export multiple artboards or do I have to export each one individually?



You can export multiple artboards using the Export Persona. Not only can you export multiple artboards, but you can do so in multiple file formats, with a different format for each artboard, if desired. You also have detailed control over the export format.


Simply show the Toolbar via View > Show Toolbar or press ⌘T and then click on the Export Persona button.




Another interesting feature is Continuous Export, which is best explained by this video:


I think Affinity Designer has the best export feature set available. I am not affiliated with Affinity in any way, but I'm happy to answer any questions.

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Hi tomek,

You can use the Export Persona to export multiple artboards to raster formats simultaneously. The files will take the names of the Artboards.


Can you give a little more detail? I switched to the export persona and am able to export one artboard at a time. If I select more than one artboard at a time, the export options disappear.

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