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  1. That video was exactly what I needed to learn. Thanks a lot.
  2. Thanks for all the help. I just learned how to link and export all artboards within one AD file. " Spex" posted a great video on how to export all artboards within one AD file which generates many png files that I can link to my QuarkXpress Math book, and when I modify one AD artboard, then it automatically updates my QuarkXpress math book ! The video is here in the following post. Thanks a lot for all your help.
  3. Yes, Alfred, you are right. Your advised worked!! But OMG! That is a lot of work! I have a ton of drawings in Affinity Designer, and I use one art-board per drawing to make things easier (many artboards per document/file which is a lesson to me), so I have lots of files in Affinity. In this case, I would have to transfer each artboard to an individual file so I can export its Affinity PDF, then take this Affinity PDF and import that into my Quark project (a 200 page math book). That is going to create a ton of Affinity PDF files. That is a lot of work. Is this how experts/profesional users do it? That seems too complicated. Copying and pasting is easy, but then if I use that, the created PDF from Quark comes wrong for my Affinity drawings. I will try MikeW latest advise. Thanks,
  4. Thank you very much. I attached the 3 separate files (affinity designer, Quark and the PDF). Affinity Designer to PDF and then printing the PDF works fine. Printing directly from Quark works fine too. The problem is when I take my Quark File (which includes affinity drawings) to PDF then print the PDF. It is this PDF that comes wrong. (See the PDF file). I only included one exercise out of a ton I created for an entire book. All my affinity drawings come out wrong when I save my Quark as a PDF file, so I can print the PDF file with my printer. I do all my drawings in Affinity then copy and paste them in my Quark project. I am using the latest version of QuarkXpresss (13.0.2). Affinity Designer (1.5.5) Thank You very much for your help Planes Exercise.afdesign Planes Exercise.qxp Planes Exercise.pdf
  5. I am a new user, and I am using Affinity Designer for drawings which I later copy to my QuarkXpress project, then I export my QuarkXpress project as PDF, so I can print this PDF file with my printer; however, my affinity images appear wrong. For example, My Ariel Font in my Affinity images appear non-sense in my PDF file. When I print the same page directly through the QuarkXpress Print, the Affinity Designer image appear just fine. The problem occurs when I save it as PDF, so I don't know if it is a PDF conversion issue. I searched online and could not find anyone with the same issue which I am surprised because I thought that a lot of people were using Affinity Designer and QuarkXpress together. Does anyone have any idea what is happening here? Thank You,