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  1. Thanks @dominik, I did not know that you could do that. -t
  2. That's why I suggested that we have the ability to create our own list of custom presets. Then everyone's "standard" would be taken care of. This should extend to creating new documents which already allow me to create a custom size but there is no way to save the preset. That's just silly. It's really annoying having to do all that clicking all the time every time I want to create a new document of a certain size that is "standard" to me. I fully support the team's strategy to port Designer and Photo to Windowd and iOS but now that these platforms are stable I think they need to go back, take a good hard look at all the pain points and pick some of that really ripe low hanging fruit and give us some of the functionality that loyal customers have been asking for for years now.
  3. I'm with the original poster: it would be great if we could display some more "standard" sizes for art boards. Even better, give us the option of creating a bunch of sizes that can be displayed in the drop down menu.
  4. I have a designer document with multiple artboards. When I attempt to print a single artboard by selecting it by name from the print dialog the preview shows a completely wrong artboard. Printed artboard is the one show in the preview, but it's the wrong one. See included screenshot for details. I've also attached a test document that can be used to reproduce the bug. OS version: macOS 10.12.2 Designer version: 1.5.4 print artboard bug.afdesign
  5. I've been collecting links to various resources useful in the field of architectural rendering and visualisation and I'd like to share them with the community. There are quite a few on my list as it has been compiled over some years. These are content related: cut out people and objects, vegetation etc: http://www.gobotree.com/ http://xoio.de/en/ http://skalgubbar.se/ http://www.immediateentourage.com/ http://www.mrcutout.com/index.php/people-cutouts http://visualizingarchitecture.com/favorite-architectural-cutout-and-texture-resources/ http://texturer.com/ https://placeit.net/c/people http://www.viz-people.com/ http://vyonyx.com/cutouts/ http://www.nonscandinavia.com/ http://www.escalalatina.com/ http://www.cutoutlife.com/ http://skalgubbrasil.tumblr.com/ These are tutorials and example specific to architectural presentations: http://visualizingarchitecture.com/no-render-quick-collage/ http://vyonyx.com/tutorials/ http://www.arqui9.com/ https://www.behance.net/arqui9 http://www.archdaily.com/645270/architecture-software-tutorials-part-2-what-we-heard-from-you http://www.ccc.umontreal.ca/fiche_concours.php?lang=fr&cId=207 http://www.worth1000.com/tutorials/163772/water-reflections-using-displace-filter https://visualizingarchitecture.com/tutorials/ http://landarchs.com/beyond-basics-10-photoshop-hacks-advanced-photoshop-skills/ http://landarchs.com/10-best-photoshop-tutorials-youtube-landscape-architects/ http://visualizingarchitecture.tumblr.com/ And these are more generic stock resources: http://www.cgtextures.com/ http://cgtextures.com/ http://compfight.com/ http://everystockphoto.com/ http://obeygiant.com/archives/ http://www.premiumpsd.com/#_ http://www.vectorstock.com/ http://www.123rf.com/ http://www.veer.com/ http://subtlepatterns.com/ http://www.elsewhere.org/pomo/ http://www.thomasnet.com/cadmodels.html?WT.mc_t=blg&WT.mc_n=blg1107&channel=email http://medialoot.com/ http://www.sketchuptexture.com/p/bricks-section.html http://www.texturepilot.com/ http://texturelib.com/ http://nos.twnsnd.co/ http://www.gratisography.com/ http://graphicburger.com/ http://nobacks.com/
  6. It's great that Designer now supports artboards. But when working with multiple artboards it is tedious to have to export them individually to files bitmap based file formats. Please add the ability to export all artboards automatically. File names should be derived from artboard names. Artboards could also have index numbers and one should be able to export ranges of artboards.
  7. Yeah, this one is a bit of a deal breaker for me. I create a lot of diagrams and they usually have lots of arrow. Still, I believe and so I persist and keep waiting for the new version with this functionality implemented. In the mean time I have get dirty with Illustrator... the longer I use it the more dirty it appears. Go Team Affinity! May you have the energy and resources to crank out new versions so that we may liberate ourselves from the yoke of Illustrator's oppression ;-) P.S. Illustrator is not all bad though so do borrow some of the ideas like ability to make selections based on appearance and definitely implement re-definable and editable styles. If I had more sophisticated selection, arrows and editable styles I could switch to Designer 100%.
  8. Some of the UI elements which are not visible either require a lengthy mouse press-and-hold to be revealed, like secondary tools, or use UI devices which use lengthy animations to reveal the element (eg, snapping options). These while cute quickly become annoying when working under pressure on time critical projects. It would be great if there was a way to toggle UI animations off or enable fast UI mode. In particular, right click on tools with secondary options should reveal the menu (or whatever UI device needs to be displayed) instantly.
  9. Date Seen 15/04/2016 Versions OS X 10.11.4 Affinity Designer 1.4.1 Bug Description Clicking on an artboard that is not currently selected doesn't select it. Clicking on any layer which is not on a currently selected artbaord doesn't select it. Severity Major UI flaw Steps to Reproduce create a document with 2 or more artboards place some layers on each artboard select any artboard click on any of the non-active artboards or layers on the non-active artboards Actual Behavior Clicked objects are not selected and do not become active Expected Behavior Clicking on any artboard or any layer on any artboard should select that object Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted n/a Reproducible? Always Workaround Layers not on the current artboard have to be selected from the layers panel or the desired artboard has to be first selected either from the layers panel or by clicking on its title.
  10. I'm not sure of this is a bug or a poorly documented feature but I keep seeing these purple rectangles around object on my artboards. I want to turn them off but can't find a way to do so. Being able to see object frames is very useful for alignment and layout but sometimes I just want to see the artboard with no meta objects displayed. Being able to turn off object frames would give me that ability.
  11. Yes, this is definitely needed. I have recently decided to take the plunge and forced myself to work exclusively with Designer and Photo. Until that point I thought that both apps offered pretty good functionality. But since I started using them exclusively I find myself wanting to switch back to Adobe CS because there are so many basic features missing from Affinity apps. I believe in this suite of apps and so I will continue using it as I believe that many of these features are close by. I really do hope that the company will prioritise implementing what many consider essentials over the new and merely interesting. At the same time I appreciate that this suit is being developed as a blank slate trying not to imitate or rely on old techniques. I'm just a little impatient ;-) cheers, -tomek
  12. What is the workaround for this missing vital feature? -t
  13. So what is the recommended process for importing DWG files in Designer? This is a must have for using Designer in architecture. -t
  14. I know that you're hard at work with on the other cornerstone of the Affinity suite - Publisher. And having seen the quality of your work with the other two applications I have no doubt that you've done your homework. But, when doing research on this sort of development project it is easy to lose sight of things that are not on the development map. It's also easy to dismiss ideas that go against the architecture or particular implementation details. And in the end it is what is useful to the intended end user that is actually more important than the internals of the software. Hence I would like to start a thread where all serious DTP experts, professionals and advanced users could contribute ideas. In particular, features that have been long standing requested of other software but haven't been implemented. Anyway, I await the first beta of Publisher with much anticipation and to get started here's my first request: Enable plug-in architecture similar to InDesign which would allow a whole Affinity eco system to flourish while freeing the core team to concentrate on the important bits. cheers, -tomek
  15. It would be fantastic if Designer eventually had Trim, Fillet and Chamfer line editing tools as found in all CAD software. I am not suggesting that Designer should ever become some sort of CAD hybrid application but merely suggesting that these tools are invaluable when dealing with parametric 2D lines. They save a lot of time and effort. People have been asking for these to be implemented in Illustrator for years. Hopefully a dynamic team like Affinity can grant this long standing wish.
  16. As long as these animations do not slow down the tool selection process. See my other request. When working under pressure on time critical projects being slowed down by animations and other UI embellishments is very annoying. If Affinity suite is to be used by design professionals it has to not stand in the way of getting the job done. It has to facilitate getting the job done. It has to be fast, sleek and streamlined. Customizable keyboard shortcuts everywhere please.
  17. The forum software doesn't seem to be the right platform for feature requests and bug reports. Consider migrating this part of your support service (which is excellent by the way) to something like Trello.
  18. Corner tool is not what I'm after. I am referring to the ability to trim two separately drawn but intersecting lines or lines which would intersect if extended (ie non parallel). Likewise it would be great to extend a line to another line.
  19. Add ability to manipulate case in paragraph styles InDesign has a tool in the Type menu which allows one to change the case of a string of text into various general formats (Title Case, Sentence case, etc). However these options are not available in paragraph styles. One can only select form a much less useful list of Normal, All caps, Small caps. This is very annoying. Being able to change case should also be available in Find/Replace dialogue which needs to be at least as powerful as what's in InDesign and could be even more so.
  20. Thanks for the reply. I am still getting used to the different workflows in Affinity suite. I really like it but it's sufficiently different that I simply don't see things as my brain is expecting something entirely different. I'll get there eventually, especially now that I have forced myself to use only Photo and Designer for all my personal work. cheers, -tomek
  21. If I create a new document, that does not have an associated artboard, the UI background is nice and dark and I can change the darkness in Preferences. However, as soon as I create any artboards the background colour changes to a very light grey. I don't know if this is intentional for some reason but to me it's a bug. If I tell the app what shade the background UI should be it should stay that shade no matter what.
  22. Photoshop has a very handy transformation feature: distort (Edit->Transform->Distort). What is the Affinity Photo equivalent of this feature? If there isn't one please add it in. It's incredibly useful.
  23. I guess I better hurry up and buy a license then so that I can get those interesting betas. cheers, -tomek
  24. The live layer option does not appear to be available to me. I am running AP 1.3.5 (Trial). See attached screenshot.