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  1. Actually, when I copy an object from Affinity Designer and paste it to Photoshop, in this version NOTHING happens. Before, it was a small, rasterized image. At least a correctly sized pixel image would be great.
  2. Well, cmd + P wouldn't be too intuitive either hm? ;) cmd + D works in InDesign, the app I still like best from Adobe.
  3. A real lifesaver would be a better selection tool: Select same stroke color, same stroke weight, same fill color, same opacity etc.
  4. I miss a lot of shortcuts, too. I like the fact that you din't try to invent a complete new set of shortcuts. Please just stick to the standards. It makes the transition so much easier. What i miss: Cmd + E for export Cmd + D for Place Cmd + B for Break into Curves And a german keyboard compatible "Move forward" and backwards shortcut – cmd ] [ does not work since we have to do it with alt key?
  5. Yes! Offset path is very important. Looking forward to it. Also similar and very useful: The "Expand appearance" function (in Illustrator) – will that be added too?
  6. Hi, I am Kai and a freelance designer based in Hamburg (Germany). www.ad-roewer.de I worked with Adobe most of my professional life. I do illustrations, 3D, motion design and classic print design since 12 years now. Since the CC I was looking for alternatives because subscription models are just no option to me. I don't want to rent my software. I am testing Affinity designer since yesterday and am really excited about the project. Of course I found the first few things I'd like to see improved and will share my thoughts soon.
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