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  1. Hello @MEB, along those lines, is there a way to... A) ...turn text frames from one type to the other? B) ...resize text frames numerically using the transform panel? Ex: I made a graphic before learning this. I'm scaling it. Some of the text reflows, but I'd l'd really just like the wohle thing to scale using numerical precision. ... or is the only course of action, in order to resize numerically, to paste the text into Artistic Text and reinsert it into toe design? Thanks!
  2. Thank you @MEB! Probably not. I’ll check. I’m used to this in raster-based/photoshop software , but not in vector programs / illustrator. Is there a way to force a vector graphic to remain the same real-world dimensions, regardless of document dpi?
  3. Yaco

    Affinity Photo for iPad (1.6.10 - Beta)

    @donka that’s awesome, thank you. Works exactly as you said it would. I’ll tinker with it! Please let me know if you put up a tutorial. A screencast might be a way to put put one up faster and more easily than writing an article or post would be. Loom has worked well for me and I believe it still has a free tier. cheers and thanks again for your kind help!
  4. Thanks! Sure enough, after Some more testing I asked the client to go check out an older Print and sure enough, they found jaggedness, just more subtle. Aaaand found that there were extra settings to improve the print quality.....so yep, printer. We laughed at how much we’d obsessed over this easily solvable mystery. thaksfor having a look @GabrielM !!
  5. Hello, when pasting a graphic from one AD file to the other, the graphic looks siginificantly smaller, even thought the documents are of similar size. Is there something in how I'm copying, or in the document setup, that might be causing this? It just occurred to me that it might be different resolution settings, so that height and width dimensions become adjusted upon pasting? Just a theory on what might be happening. Basically, under what conditions would pasting from one doc to another result in the pasted image becoming smaller? Another Affinity Designer using friend had the same issue, so asking for the two of us. Thanks!
  6. Awesome. Thank you @GabrielM. Here it is. I figured as much, so my theory was that something in the symbol that wasn't exporting well to svg / pdf. Granted, I'm just making stuff up. I wonder if there might be a different cause? Again, this issue is happening to the client, but not me. Here is a test file I made for the client, with symbols, detached symbols, and ungrouped curves, and the same thing kept happening in all cases, so maybe it's not symbols. Attached is a zip file with photos of the print test results. I'm starting to think that either there's an issue in my file settings, or there's one with his printer / Printer driver. Anyways, thanks again for looking at this! Jagged borders Print Test.pdf Jagged borders Print Test Results.zip
  7. Yaco

    Affinity Photo for iPad (1.6.10 - Beta)

    Thank you Donka, just now noticed there was a reply! I am new to shortcuts and tried to do it myself though, and only got so far. So far I've installed, and if I hit the Share Icon (is that the same as the Open In icon you mention?) in, say, Photos app, I've added Shortcuts to the lower menu (where the gray icons "Save to Files", "Slideshow", etc. are). Your guidance is very much welcome! PS: The Shortcuts app itself looks / sounds quite intresting, thanks for the intro.
  8. We've printed some deign files a few times and every time symbols in the document print out with jagged edges. We tried printing straight from Affinity, and exported SVGs and PDFs, with the same results. You can see a close up of the afflicted ULLR wordmark with the funky edges in the attached pic. We noticed that it was the only visibly affected element. As he only unique aspect it had was being a symbol, we closely inspected tiny icons on the design that were also symbols, and they also displayed the jagged edges. I wonder if it's a printer compatibility issue? I tried printing locally and it came out ok, however it's when my (overseas) client uses their printer, it comes out with jagged edges. They're using a Xerox WorkCentre 6515. See Model here. It's so far the only differential factor we've noticed. The obvious workaround is to detach symbols, however I'd much prefer to take advantage of the wonderful symbols system that A Designer has, I love working with it! Much appreciated.
  9. Yaco

    Affinity Photo for iPad (1.6.10 - Beta)

    Hello, unsure if this is the right place to post this, another thread seemed to say that it is. Are there plans to integrate with the share menu in iOS? This way, one could share an image from most apps, like Procreate or other creative apps, so as to share directly to affinity and start editing right away. This would make the workflow faster / more comfortable. Would be nice.
  10. Never mind, now I can see SVG in the Export Options...I was only looking at the Export Presets since that's what i was using for Retina exports before.
  11. @maenio That works Maenio! Do you know if several slices can be set to export to SVG simultaneously? It seems like each slice needs to have SVG chosen individually.
  12. I just noticed that when exporting slices for retina, a "@2x" suffix is added to the exported file name, so a system is already built in somewhat satisfy this kind of file differentiation. Hopefully they'll extend control over such suffixes / prefixes to users.
  13. Agreed, When exporting, for example, the same logo with export variations, this becomes so useful. I am working on a project for a clinet with 45 different logos. That's due to color variations and organization subdivisions. I need to give them transparent and solid files, and a few years ago I also gave them high res and low res versions of the images. A prefix or suffix is needed to help the client differentiate between each file, especially if the image format is the same...and even if not, as the people using these files might not always know that png might have transparency and jpg definitely won't. This would be even mor eimportant for high res and low res versions.
  14. Yaco

    My very first work with Affinity Design.

    Absolutely! There are bound to be coincidences and repeating elements in any aspect of creativity. Especially in the world of logos, where shapes are often bold and abstract. Even if the creators have never seen each other's work before, two separately developed solutions can wind up having similarities, because they have applied and been influenced by concepts and processes that took them in a similar direction.
  15. Yaco

    iCloud Synching between Mac and iPad

    Thanks, I see so many strict instructions on how to post and introduce yourself to a forum community, it was refreshing to see things being intuitive here. I did check out the guidelines before but again, they're very brief and kind of common sense so I wanted to be sure I wasn't being lazy. Thanks again Gabriel!