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  1. Yaco

    Affinity Photo for iPad (1.6.10 - Beta)

    Hello, unsure if this is the right place to post this, another thread seemed to say that it is. Are there plans to integrate with the share menu in iOS? This way, one could share an image from most apps, like Procreate or other creative apps, so as to share directly to affinity and start editing right away. This would make the workflow faster / more comfortable. Would be nice.
  2. Never mind, now I can see SVG in the Export Options...I was only looking at the Export Presets since that's what i was using for Retina exports before.
  3. @maenio That works Maenio! Do you know if several slices can be set to export to SVG simultaneously? It seems like each slice needs to have SVG chosen individually.
  4. I just noticed that when exporting slices for retina, a "@2x" suffix is added to the exported file name, so a system is already built in somewhat satisfy this kind of file differentiation. Hopefully they'll extend control over such suffixes / prefixes to users.
  5. Agreed, When exporting, for example, the same logo with export variations, this becomes so useful. I am working on a project for a clinet with 45 different logos. That's due to color variations and organization subdivisions. I need to give them transparent and solid files, and a few years ago I also gave them high res and low res versions of the images. A prefix or suffix is needed to help the client differentiate between each file, especially if the image format is the same...and even if not, as the people using these files might not always know that png might have transparency and jpg definitely won't. This would be even mor eimportant for high res and low res versions.
  6. Yaco

    My very first work with Affinity Design.

    Absolutely! There are bound to be coincidences and repeating elements in any aspect of creativity. Especially in the world of logos, where shapes are often bold and abstract. Even if the creators have never seen each other's work before, two separately developed solutions can wind up having similarities, because they have applied and been influenced by concepts and processes that took them in a similar direction.
  7. Yaco

    iCloud Synching between Mac and iPad

    Thanks, I see so many strict instructions on how to post and introduce yourself to a forum community, it was refreshing to see things being intuitive here. I did check out the guidelines before but again, they're very brief and kind of common sense so I wanted to be sure I wasn't being lazy. Thanks again Gabriel!
  8. Yaco

    iCloud Synching between Mac and iPad

    Of course! That makes perfect sense. That last question was actually me getting confused about which device I was having trouble on. On the iPad what you described makes perfect sense and would in all likelyhood solve the issue. I imagine that "Exiting" a project is similar to switching between project tabs on desktop, so that you can quickly move between projects without having to load the completely again? Also, being new to the forums andthis being my first thread, should I introduce myself somewhere or brake any posting guidelines? I didn't find any but thought I'd check just in case.
  9. Yaco

    My very first work with Affinity Design.

    Nice, great to have that first project up!! COLOR While I agree that yellow / black are warning colors (largely because it is the highest contrast color combination), it's a combination I think is used a lot in the construction industry...from signs to vehicles and hard hats. Just a matter of evaluating if association with those elements is a plus for your business, based on your company's profile. CITY OF MELBOURNE Just a heads up, the city of melbourne logo is similar in shape, though different in just about everything else in your branding. Still, probably good to keep an eye on them and make sure to conciously keep your branding in a separate direction than theirs, to avoid unwarranted comparisons. https://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/pieces_of_melbourne.php
  10. Yaco

    iCloud Synching between Mac and iPad

    Hello and thank you for your welcome and reply @GabrielM, I definitely only had it open on one device at a time, however I am not sure if I definitely closed it. I saved it and "exited the file", but did not "hamburger menu >> Close" it. I'll try the full closing and see if that works, that's probably it. Why would fully saving to the cloud happen only on closing but not on saving, even though the preview pic was updated anyway? Just to better understand the workflow I'm still fairly new to Affinity products, as well as working with apple's cloud and working between an iPad and a Macbook. Love it all so far though, thanks again for your suggestion!
  11. Hello and thank you for such great work on the Affinity Products! I am repeatedly having an issue with iCloud synching. Problem: When I make changes to a file on my macbook pro and save the file to iCloud, in a subfolder within the default Affinity folder, the changes seem to stay on my mac, even though the upload icon indicates the file is now in the cloud. The file image preview on my iPad Pro updates to reflect the changes, however when I open it, it's like the file never updated. I get the previous version of the file. I even tried making more changes to the file on my macbook, saving again, checking for the file to upload and for the image preview on the iPad to update again, yet again when I open the file on iPad it's the old version of the file without any of the new changes. History It's the second time I've noticed this, and it seems files saved on iPad do update and open well on MacBook, but not the other way around. I already lost a lot of work on a document after the cloud seemed to have saved the larger, more recent file, but then it was replaced with the older file (thankfully had a png export that is all I need right now)... and now working on a new design, I have to Airdrop Designer files in order to open the updated file on my iPad. Is this an iCloud or Affinity settings issue that I can flip a switch to fix? If so, why does the image preview update on both devices? Or Is the problem a bug in iCloud / Designer? Glad to help with any tests or to provide more input. Thank you for your reply!!
  12. hello! When adding Vertical Guides, in order to select and drag them I have to tap some distance to the left of the guide for it to become "active". Tapping directly over the guide itself won't work. After some testing, the distance to the left is the same as the art board it was created on. The error also seems to happen some times, not always. Is it something I can control and I'm just doing this by accident, or is it a possible glitch in the app? Thank you, and thank you for such a wonderful app.