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  1. Moacir Braga


    Is it possible to you add FOCOLTONE in color options? It's a good color palette because it has a small number of colors and it is more safe for conversions and multi devices.
  2. Moacir Braga

    Puppet Warp

    Puppet Warp for Designer is a really productive feature, don't you think? I believe it is a great advantage for Illustrator if we comparing features. Any chance to include it to Designer?
  3. Moacir Braga

    Export Persona SVG

    Hi maenio, I haven't solved that yet. For now I'm exporting one-by-one without Export Persona. :-(
  4. How can I export slices as SVG using Export Persona? Using Export menu I can only export one or all artboards :-(.

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