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  1. I need to go back and check out the latest Affinity Photo to see what's improved in this area. I am still using PS in Adobe CC 19 since I got too frustrated with Affinity Photo as it was when I last posted on Feb 2016. Sheesh, where does the time go?
  2. It was a shame Affinity were not at the Keynote for the new MacBook Pro rather than Adobe!
  3. To honest I am waiting to hear more about Affinity DAM as most of my plug-in needs revolve around image work rather than manipulation, hence the demise of Aperture worries me a lot as I do not like LM and Capture One 9 seemed the only option till this news of a DAM from Affinity.
  4. Agreed , not to mention a host of Plug Ins I use a lot such as Photomatix HDR. The Plug In situation seems to be confusing with claims here on this forum that 'it is up to the Plug in maker' on one side and 'up to Affinity' on the other but one would think, these days, there should be some kind of defined architecture for maximum compatibility both software makers and plug in makers should agree upon. That said, writing a specific Photoshop compatible plug acceptance module was the first thing the software company I owned did back in the 90's for our high end color separation software. It was deemed essential by our clients and here we are 30 years later having the same discussion. It seems odd Affinity didn't, unless Adobe have now made using their specs impossible for some reason.
  5. Agreed. That would be extremely useful especially if it could remain on a rasterized image but I assume that isn't possible since even Photoshop can't do that?
  6. I hope plug-ins can be resolved too. The possibility of Affinity DAM also raises the same issue. My work flow for certain clients is dependent on Photomatix HDR which although can work in Photoshop makes far more sense for me in Aperture since that is where I can make stacks that auto group the bracketed exposures. That also raises the point of how important timed stacks are too in a DAM.
  7. Do you mean a persistent effect? I didn't try returning to the test I did, so I didn't test see if it was still there. I am not able to at the moment but yes, if that's what you mean then that would be very useful if the mesh remained until turned off by choice..
  8. OMG that's great news. If Affinity need beta testers I am retired CEO of a software company and avid Photographer Canon + L lenses with new Mac Pro. I have TB sized Aperture Libraries with RAW. Affinity don't need to worry about Light Room or copying that POS, they need to copy and improve on Aperture IMHO. :)
  9. Haha ... totally missed how to use that. It is exactly what I needed! It its even better than Photoshop's equivalent! Thank you.
  10. It would be so wonderful if Affinity could somehow obtain Apple's code for Aperture or replicate it and bring it back to life as live product with new features. You would please so many Mac owning Professional photographers! So many of us have tried Light Room and Capture One 9 et al. They all fail at so many levels to replace Aperture. It is both the retouching and the file management that is needed in a 100% Mac interface.
  11. Hi guys and gals I asked during beta testing if puppet warping was available and it wasn't at the time and I wonder if this is here or close? I have the latest version and don't see anything like it yet but maybe I simply can't find it. Distortion or adding a warp mesh are not what I mean. I refer to the ability to place a cut out figure or shape, place on a background and realistically manipulate parts of it. For example to move an arm slightly as in Photoshop's Edit/Puppet warp feature. This is the last feature I really, really miss from PS. It requires a mesh on the actual shape not a overlaid grid as that causes too much distortion. Thanks
  12. My same question. I can add nodes to a mesh but that mesh is applying to a rectangle containing the selected image not the selected image (say of a person) itself. In fact I am not seeing a way to see a cut out person (for example) to be selected other than as a bounding box. If Puppet Warp is hidden I'd love to know where. If not then if Puppet Warp can be added that would be very significant. Otherwise, I'm loving this application so far!
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