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  1. Now it's ok. I deleted the SVG plugins (SVG support and Safe SVG which was deactivated) and reinstalled Safe SVG only, now seems ok. Thank you very much for your support!
  2. No, they don't. If you could send me the code to add to functions.php, I can try to deactivate the plugin and see if something changes. I don't understand why the older files are perfectly visible, and the new ones don't. I just tried to deactivate the latest plugins I installed but the problem persists.
  3. Thanks @stokerg it's strange since I never had problems with SVGs until these last days. I'm using Avada and SVG Support as plugin. I also tried Safe SVG without success. I don't know where to look now, because the previous SVGs uploaded are still perfectly visible, to me seems still an issue with the export.
  4. No way, still font/svg detected by WP. I attach the new Designer file and the old file. Logo LA18 Final.afdesign logo old.svg
  5. I tried to check again the export settings but the problem persists, even exporting "SVG for web". I attach some screenshots: you will see the correct file as exported in march (the example of airbnb.svg file), how today the new svg files appear when uploaded (grey icon), and the file format recognized by WP (font svg) even if I just exported the file using "SVG for web" settings. I also attach Designer settings for SVG for web. Please help, thanks.
  6. Thanks to all. Probably I uploaded here the wrong file: I exported the sections in reveal formats, including svg for web and svg flattened. Let me export again from scratch to svg for web and double check if the file is correctly recognized by WordPress.
  7. Hello, I have a strange issue: exporting SVG as usual to be used on websites, Designer makes a font/svg file instead of a image/svg+xml file. This makes the file unusable in my WP websites. I already compared the SVG files text using TextWrangler but they seem equal. I attach one of them for analysis. What do you think the problem could be? Thanks for your support. LovelyApart 2018.svg
  8. hi Affinity guys, is it possible to be added for a beta testing program? I’m on it for other apps and I like helping to develop new apps.
  9. Thanks @alfred but it just keep the ratio, it does not resize while cropping.
  10. Hi all, I would crop a large image down to 1280x800 size, setting the crop tool so it will resize the image and keeping the ratio. Is it possible? Thanks.
  11. Hi all, I'm designing a new logo and I forgot how to make a new document with infinite canvas... Sorry but it's a few weeks that I don't use AD :) Any help? Thanks.
  12. Hi, in Affinity Photo (demoing) I cannot figure out to resize the whole image (or a section of it) and also preview the export size in kb (the estimate of its weight). For instance I would resize a 1000x1000 pixels image down to 500x500, and understand if the export setup does not exceed a certain size in kb. Is there a solution or it's simply not possible? Thanks.
  13. It's a shame because I find AD better than Sketch, but this force us to split the jobs. Why don't you open to third party plugins with API?
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