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  1. Hi Dan C, I apologize for the late reply. In the attachment is the file. Outline.afdesign
  2. My wish Bring the symmetry tool to the Designer persona to use on vector brush and pencil tool. (Using it on Pixel persona is rasterize in vector) A setting to adjust amount of nodes for the vector brush and pencil tool. A Setting option to use brush stroke on one layer instead of creating multiply layers. (I know I can be group but it look clutter)
  3. When selecting mask layer, the brush color should automatically switch to black and white. Fix merging layers cause blur. Fix automatically selecting layer. Save gradient palette in Layer Effect.
  4. +1 Please this feature need to be add. It'd frustrating without it. On all Affinity softwares.
  5. Hello, Is there a way to use the paint bucket tool then select a color? with the brush tool you can hold Alt and choose a color, but not with the paint bucket tool. Affinity Photo | Windows Edit: I Test it on Affinity Designer Pixel Persona and show the same problem.
  6. Hello Sean P, I'm also encounter this visual artifact issue as well in Affinity Photo for Window. It does this on transparent images and brush stroke. See video. visual_artifact_while_moving_in_Affinity_Photo.mp4
  7. Was just going to ask this question. I didn't see an option in the print and pdf export. (Windows 10)
  8. This is also happening with the Pen Tool as well. https://sendvid.com/jw1a57ts Pen Tool Flickering.wmv
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