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  1. I did something and now my Tool Bar is missing. I'm working in "Separated Mode" and the Tool Bar is checked so it should be on screen but it's not. I don't know where the preference file is in the Library. I looked but didn't find it. Help would be appreciated.
  2. 1. Select by color or stroke (I'm having to go to Illustrator to do this - it's a pain) 2. Better Direct Select tool. I sort of hate the way the direct select tool works. I can't drag to select a group of points. I have to click each one (unless I'm missing a trick) 3. Outline/trace an image. I use this a lot. I'm having to bounce from Freehand on the PC side or go to another Mac with an old version of Illustrator. 4. Could it ever be possible to export to a native Illustrator file? Some CS version? 5. Native import of Affinity files into layout apps like Quark or Indesign - so I don't have to go back to 1993 and have an eps file AND a working file. Thank you!
  3. Can we get a progress bar when opening files? I have some large files that take a bit longer to open than a 5k file. When I click to open them I'm never sure anything is happening and I've forced quit sometimes because I thought the app had crashed. Or am I not seeing it? Thanks!
  4. I use this window a lot - it's always open. Coming from ID/Quark it's a pretty important feature. Could you make the window smaller or resizable (it only get larger right now)? That would be awesome! Thank you!
  5. Thanks! for the text on path tip.
  6. Here is a list of things that would improve Designer 1. Text on a path 2. Select and find similar colors in fills and strokes 3. Ability to import native files into Quark and InDesign (instead of needing to create a separate file) 4. Ability to trace an image 5. Import AI files and retain layers and grouped objects Thanks!
  7. OK. Got it. Thanks. A little cumbersome but that works.
  8. Hmmm.... OK APub knows it's linked (even though it says it's embedded) and recognizes if the file has been changed outside of the doc but... there isn't a request to update on the actual doc. So, that's isn't great. I do see a "Replace Doc" but that isn't the same as telling me a file has been modified outside of the APub file. I made some other changes to the external file and APub stopped telling me it has been updated. more
  9. Also. How to I chose to make APub link to images instead of imbedding them? It shows that images and Affinity files are imbedded by default. OK. Thanks. That is selected but the placed files are still imbedded. On the layer it says (imbedded document)
  10. This is probably in the wrong place - but it's sort of a bug tho.... Doing a simple file to get used to APub. Long time Quark and Indesign user. 1. Placing an image? At first it appears that the images were imbedded. Then APub asked if I wanted to link them instead - to help with file size. I said yes. Now it's missing an image that I have no idea where it is. The names seems to have been changed. Also I'm not finding a window to list all of the placed images- so I can select them, find them or edit them. Possibly the layers file serves that purpose, but how do I find the missing image? 2. Placing an image. I'm used to the images always being linked and that seems to be the best idea especially if multiple files will be using the same linked images. Please make that a default or choice at the time of import. 3. Editing a placed/linked image - will that be coming when the apps Photo & Designer are updated? I don't see a way to open the linked images from inside APub. --- OK I see the Edit Document now. Which is great but the Document is imbedded. 4. How do I chose to make APub link to images instead of imbedding them? It shows that images and Affinity files are imbedded by default. Thanks!
  11. This has probably already been discussed before I'm bringing it up, but Microsoft already has a product named Publisher. Perhaps you already have that worked out? Just don't want to see you sued - because I'm wanting to use Affinity Publisher and NOT MS Publisher - or Adobe. Thanks!!! George

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