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  1. It would be so great to have an option to save Tiffs with photoshop layers. Since I don't have to do an Export to save Tiff files like with PSD files. Fewer steps is great. I live in a field Dominated by Adobe and that would be a great way to stay integrated without having to go back to Photoshop. Just adding an option to save Photoshop tiff layers would be sweet.
  2. I'm just saying. Give me the option in Affinity to - "save as Adobe tiff layers". That's all. Help me live in an Adobe world while using Affinity until Affinity has a larger foot print and can steer the ship.
  3. One word. Workflow. Affinity is killing it and not in the hip positive sense. I'm trying to stay with Affinity. I'm sure no one will shed a tear but I don't see upgrading.
  4. I looked for some discussion on this --- here's my question. This is for Affinity Photo 1.7 on a Mac (could be for beta too) Affinity Photo, what are you doing to exported .tiff layered files? Whatever it is please give me an option not to do it. When I open the layered (Affinity) .tiff file in Photoshop it's made flat. I need it to remain layered. I still live in the Adobe world and would like to be able to use a .tiff format as a file transfer format for images. 1. I prefer the Tiff option over the PSD format because Affinity doesn't ask me to do a "save as" after I work on it. I can just save the file in the format I opened it from. 2. I can create a layered .tiff in Photoshop and open that file in Affinity and see all the pixel and vector layers. Why is the .tiff file from Affinity flattened in Photoshop - It's the same format or seems it should be the same format? Can't we all just get along.
  5. If I move them from one monitor and then back it does not fix or change.
  6. I have 2 external monitors connected to the Retina laptop Dell - 2048x1152 Apple - 1920x1200 If you can look at the screen captures I posed - enlarged- you can see that not all of the bars are fuzzy - only some of the icons. Some parts on both are sharp and focused.
  7. Thanks all for the "Show in Finder" tips. That is way too hidden. But good to know. An obvious button would be very nice. Other Points: 3. Opening progress bar (showing that a file is opening) - it's not showing up for me. 4. idml - Didn't work from the Finder (an Option-click - didn't automatically show Publisher as an app option so I thought it wasn't working) but I did discover it works with the Open option from the App (Publisher) File menu. That is still Awesome. --- I was able to add it to the Option-Click. How difficult/possible in the future would an export to idml be? I would love to be able to send files back to the person that is running InDesign - if I need to. Also, I just learned that InDesign is now able to do multiple pages sizes in a document. Not sure how that will change things up. 5. Save File - When I open a file and do a save as - the dialog box still goes to the Most Recent folder and not the folder I opened the file from. Is there a pref I can change? Thanks again.
  8. Hi. I thought my eyes were going out. Which is true they are, but I noticed the Menu at the top of the Publisher screen is fuzzy on some of the text in the menu items. On a Non-Retina Apple monitor. Non Retina screen I moved the window to the Retina screen of my laptop and they look sharp. Retina screen.
  9. OK. Maybe I'm not seeing it. Setting up a Publisher file for a portfolio and it contains a lot of images. jpgs, AI, PSD, AFDedsign etc. you get the picture. FIRST: If I need to get back into the images to make edits - Where is the "locate image in finder" link in the document for images like imported PSD and AI files? They don't open when double clicked on. I may have reasons not to convert them to AF files and I should not have to - The Resource Manager isn't any help. Don't make me use the Search in the Finder please. SECOND: In most Mac apps if not all I can click on the file name in the (title bar) and it will at least tell me where the file I'm working on is. None of the AF apps do that. Help a guy out here and girls too. THIRD: Opening large files (all apps) ...... I have some really large files. Some can be over a Gig. There is NO progress bar showing me how much time to wait. Sometimes I don't know if the App has crashed or if it's still opening the file. My laptop isn't a dog but it isn't the newest either so I can be waiting several seconds to a minute(s). FOURTH: I thought the beta of Publisher would open IDML files?? I'm seriously thinking of buying Quark because it will. The drawback there ---> I can't import native AF files..... UGH. It's like living in the dark ages. FIFTH: Saving changes (all apps). Can you make it so the app remembers the folder I opened the file in? Instead of making me search all through drives and folders to get back into the work folder or where ever the file opened from? That's a bit of a time burner. Thank you!
  10. I almost never flatten Photoshop files and where ever I work no one does either (I've worked at agencies large and small) - They need to remain workable - a flattened image is a real time killer - unless it's going to the web. Photoshop files are preferred over tiffs anymore I've found. There's really no point or need for tiffs. As far as AI files not printing. I've seldom run into an issue unless it's corrupted. But yes exporting to a flat file will works in the short term. Receiving files from a photographer isn't the same as working on production files for jobs. An art director is likely going to make way more changes after the photographer is done. Serif needs to be more compatible. I really want to support them but they can't survive well on an island.
  11. Wow. Seems to me this would be a huge compliment for Quark to have in competition to Adobe. Quark doesn't have a photo app or vector app. I get that Serif is working Publisher, but it's hardly 'there' yet.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I didn't get notification of response. Anyway I had to reinstall the system, bla bla bla ... I suspect the bar was outside of the screen somehow due to resolution changes - going from multiple monitors to single (laptop) and back to multiple. If its happens again I'll change the resolution and see if it shows up then.
  13. Thanks for the info. That export info helps a little. Still creates the problem of multiple files. Affinity files need to add the PDF portion. Seriously. In order to be adopted by the larger work population that don't use Affinity Publisher they need this. Heck. Adobe hardly supports eps any more as they can cause printing problems and they prefer that you not use them. Having a work file and an exported files is so 1990. :)
  14. Is native file import on the horizon? I'd love to be able to import an .afdesign and .afphoto directly into Quark and Indesign. It's really crippling to have to create an eps files or worse jpgs or png files. It's especially bad when an exported eps pieces of a files sometimes become rasterized when they are originally 'curves'. Why? Quark will let me import native .ai files. I'm trying to use AFPub as well but it's just not robust enough at this time
  15. I did something and now my Tool Bar is missing. I'm working in "Separated Mode" and the Tool Bar is checked so it should be on screen but it's not. I don't know where the preference file is in the Library. I looked but didn't find it. Help would be appreciated.
  16. 1. Select by color or stroke (I'm having to go to Illustrator to do this - it's a pain) 2. Better Direct Select tool. I sort of hate the way the direct select tool works. I can't drag to select a group of points. I have to click each one (unless I'm missing a trick) 3. Outline/trace an image. I use this a lot. I'm having to bounce from Freehand on the PC side or go to another Mac with an old version of Illustrator. 4. Could it ever be possible to export to a native Illustrator file? Some CS version? 5. Native import of Affinity files into layout apps like Quark or Indesign - so I don't have to go back to 1993 and have an eps file AND a working file. Thank you!
  17. Can we get a progress bar when opening files? I have some large files that take a bit longer to open than a 5k file. When I click to open them I'm never sure anything is happening and I've forced quit sometimes because I thought the app had crashed. Or am I not seeing it? Thanks!
  18. I use this window a lot - it's always open. Coming from ID/Quark it's a pretty important feature. Could you make the window smaller or resizable (it only get larger right now)? That would be awesome! Thank you!
  19. Here is a list of things that would improve Designer 1. Text on a path 2. Select and find similar colors in fills and strokes 3. Ability to import native files into Quark and InDesign (instead of needing to create a separate file) 4. Ability to trace an image 5. Import AI files and retain layers and grouped objects Thanks!
  20. Hmmm.... OK APub knows it's linked (even though it says it's embedded) and recognizes if the file has been changed outside of the doc but... there isn't a request to update on the actual doc. So, that's isn't great. I do see a "Replace Doc" but that isn't the same as telling me a file has been modified outside of the APub file. I made some other changes to the external file and APub stopped telling me it has been updated. more
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