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  1. thanks for your replay
  2. Yes。 Now I select the text layer one by one,crazy! Thanks
  3. not working I mean, select all text layer and then outline them
  4. How can I select all text like AI:Menu- Select - Object - all text I want outline all text easily
  5. silverback

    Chiyo Chan

    nice work
  6. silverback

    Some illustration works in AD

    I still learning Affinity Designer Please see below
  7. silverback

    Wobbly lines (AD -

    I bought AD and AP. hope you fixed.
  8. silverback

    Wobbly lines (AD -

    I have also met this problem. my device: Mac Os + intros pro M
  9. silverback

    Affinity Photo Painter's brushes

    good brushes, I like it
  10. Hello! Affinity is amazing tools. I want export the vector file to the pdf file and keep effects, have any idea? Please see attached pictures. effects missing below: -Shadow -Outside line -Noise Is there a list of support effects? Can anyone help me?