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  1. Hey Brian- Sort of - but the method in there isn't accurate 100% - Creating multi layers and merging down would be cumbersome and not handle well - flattening the layers would just the same, These are very destructive as you have to Export and then Undo so you can Get back to editing if the job needs to be edited. But yea.
  2. Im looking for help, If people dont know what that terms is and menu option a picture wont help them help me. You can find it in Layers>Live>Projection>Equirectangular Projection.
  3. I have a Pano. I enter Equirectangular Projection, place graphics and use Pen tool to create lines around things and when I exit Equirectangular projection the graphics doesnt anchor to that point where I made them. Any help please.
  4. Hopefully that's the right terms. I took a top picture of inside my car. the outside was super bright to get the interior perfect exposed. So I thought...."take a picture of the outside to be perfectly exposed and now is there a way to do Mask Luma Brush to brush out just the overexposed windshield relieving the layer underneath perfectly exposed outside???
  5. I didn't know what this did and it was fishy sounding... So anyways, now I can't use the eye dropper, can someone tell me how to enable the eye dropper to from a Safari window. thanks
  6. I have a 4mm lens - Shot on 63MP sensor, using Super 35mm Mode (so cropped in) but still have a bunch of black area, and need to find a way of getting a way to run a "action" or something, drop 60 images in, and BAM an Export folder with 60 images cropped in JPG100. Any way?
  7. In Photoshoot when you used the wand, you would select say a white background around a logo, then do a Select Similar, I dont see a way to do this here in AP. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I wanted to start a 1. and then hit return and get the 2. added autmatically like PS and Pages has. Any chance we have this in Photo or Design?
  9. I was expectiung it to act more like photoshop with the adjusting the parameters in the PARAGRAPH Tab, opposed to the Character tab! None of those options did anything. Thanks for the help guys!!!!
  10. Just trying to remove the gaps. Couldnt find anything searching around. Thought maybe ya'll can help :) thanks
  11. Welp - I will cross post this answer since it does seem there are people out there searching for answers I tried variable checkboxes in the export settings and found out a couple of things. 1) IF you have a Transparent background, it will make it a solid in the 3D rendering. 2) Adding a White background behind the "logo" will reverse the process and make it so it 3D's the logo and not punches it out. 3 )In order to Show Logo, you'll need to check the checkbox HOLE in the first option. As you'll see - the logo looks good (I took out the words as I was trying some stuff
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