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  1. I'm having a problem creating an SVG that will work in mo2 3d MOTIONVFX program. I viewed a video where an SVG was created and used in mo2. Can some one please help.
  2. noeltoddusa

    Brush Tool

    Thank for all the input. I have watched recommended videos and taken into consideration that quality on my image may have been very poor. Can anyone help me with creating SVG in affinity. I have tried to create an SVG to import into mo2 MotionVFX 3D program. I saw a video where an SVG was imported from affinity and it worked. I have tried everything and I can't seem to get it done. Thank's also for the images WELL DONE!
  3. When I use the brush tool, and refine the cut out exporting it png. It is very grainy around the edges of the cutout. This has just begun to happen as of late. Can some one help me?
  4. what svg format do i export in order to use in mobjects 3d generator by motion vfx? Ive tried everything and can't seem to come to a conclusion
  5. Can I create a RGB Matte in Affinity Photo? Thank you for your reply. Noel.