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I purchased my copy of Affinity Designer this morning and I'm having fun using it. Whilst I was experimenting with the software I was struggling to change the outline of a vector shape. I wanted it to have a textured outline. For example I drew an oval, switched to Pixel Persona, clicked Line, Texture Line Style then Properties but all of the options are greyed out (General, Dynamics, Texture) I've attached a few pictures for you to look at. Am I doing something wrong?


Keep up the great work





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Hello alphawham,

Welcome to Affinity Forums,


You shouldn't switch to Pixel Persona to change the stroke of a vector object directly. Try this instead:

Draw you oval, go to line (size) dialog on the context toolbar (on top), change the Style to Textured Line Style, then open the brushes panel on the right and select one from the end of the list (they look like painted strokes). Your outline should change to the one you selected.

If you now go to the previous Line dialog (on the context toolbar) and click on Properties you can customise the brush used. Note that at this point this dialog isn't totally finished and some sliders aren't working (you can change the brush width but the others seem not to be working yet).

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Hi uncle808us,

The steps i described above only apply to the vector brushes you find in Affinity Designer (Draw Persona).

The brushes you find in Affinity Photo are equivalent to the ones you find in Affinity Designer in the Pixel Persona.

These can't be applied directly to a vector stroke. They can only be used with the Paint Brush Tool.

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Applying a raster stroke to follow a vector path (but on a seperate layer) is something you can do easily in Photoshop, seems strange that it can't be done in AP.


Not strange. Photoshop has had 28 years more to get where they are. I suppose sometime during that period, someone went "OK, I'll write some code that moves a bitmap along the x/y values of a bezier curve. And then write some more code to delete the bitmap info, and redraw it when the curve is altered."


Might not be all that hard to do. A few of the layer fx are bitmap drawings that scale w. the associated vectors. Still, I'd rather the developers put effort into something more useful. I can do a reasonable manual trace of a vector with pixels. But having something like a blend tool that will offer the ability to transform many shape nodes with a few clicks, instead of manually shifting hundreds, it not thousands of points, would be lots more valuable.

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