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  1. houseofdeadleg

    Colour swatches don't match

    Hmm, that all seems rather counter-intuitive. Even after creating my own swatch set using only black, and applying that to the document copy, after exporting the text is all a rich black, not just 100% K. I've tried various export settings, but can't get the expected output. I've made quite a few documents in Publisher recently, but unless I can resolve this I'm going to have to go back to InDesign for the foreseeable future, I can't afford to spend time working out workarounds and getting unpredictable outputs. Which is a shame, as using Publisher is largely much more fun then InDesign.
  2. In a CMYK document, if I go to the Greys palette and select Black, when I double click the swatch it shows the colour sliders with CMYK values 0 0 0 100 as I'd expect. But if I then switch to the colour tab it shows the values as 72 68 67 88. If I then uncheck the "Lock Colourspace" icon and do the same thing, it shows RGB sliders with 0 0 0. If I apply the Black swatch, why does it show differently in the Colour tab? Edit – I've just tried creating a new global K only black swatch and applying it to some text, but after export the text in the PDF is showing 72 68 67 88.
  3. houseofdeadleg

    Printer options changed after update

    No, no change to the drivers as far as I'm aware.
  4. houseofdeadleg

    Printer options changed after update

    It's a Xerox WorkCentre 7855.
  5. I've just updated Photo Designer and Publisher to the latest 1.7.2 update, and now when I go to print a document my printer settings have changed. Previously when printing it looked like the first screenshot below (Xerox features), after the update it looks like the other screenshot (Printer features). I'd really prefer to have the previous options. Any idea what might have caused this? This is only affecting the Affinity apps, CC and all other programs still show the Xerox features.
  6. I think I might've fixed it. Save History With Document was checked. I've unchecked it and restarted and now it seems to be ok again. Will keep you posted though.
  7. I've been recreating an old InDesign layout in Publisher, everything was going well until I've started trying to create some text styles to highlight sections of text in a paragraph. Whenever I try and select some text/move a text box or click done to apply a style it crashes.
  8. houseofdeadleg

    Cereal box mascots

    Downloaded the 1.7 update last night and had a quick play, really liking the new feature additions. Some of them might've been handy for this project I've been working on recently, ah well:)
  9. houseofdeadleg

    Some recent work

    I haven't posted much here recently but thought I'd show a few things I've done in AD over the last couple o' months.
  10. houseofdeadleg

    Affinity Photo and Designer 1.6 have launched!

    I'm torn. On the one hand, the updates look absolutely great from the quick play I've just had. On the other, none of my work got picked to be on the welcome screen, so… grrrrr
  11. houseofdeadleg

    Masking with brush

    Think I've sorted it for now. I recreated the brushes from scratch and they work as expected, so not sure why they were doing what they were doing.
  12. houseofdeadleg

    Brush creation

    @KiLa That's a good one, would be good to find some good ones on raster brushes as well.
  13. I've just been playing around with masking shapes with some new brushes I've been working on. A couple of the brushes show a big white square shape around them when masking, but not when painting otherwise, what would cause this? They're set up in the same way as all the other brushes that don't have this issue.
  14. houseofdeadleg

    Brush creation

    Is there any explanation anywhere that shows the brush creation process for AD/AP, especially with reference to what all the individual sliders/options affect? I've created a few brushes but largely it feels like stumbling across a particular effect by accident rather than design.
  15. houseofdeadleg

    Affinity Photo for iPad - 1.6.2

    Aw, would love to get this but I only have an iPad mini:(

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