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  1. I've been recreating an old InDesign layout in Publisher, everything was going well until I've started trying to create some text styles to highlight sections of text in a paragraph. Whenever I try and select some text/move a text box or click done to apply a style it crashes.
  2. I think I might've fixed it. Save History With Document was checked. I've unchecked it and restarted and now it seems to be ok again. Will keep you posted though.
  3. houseofdeadleg

    Cereal box mascots

    Downloaded the 1.7 update last night and had a quick play, really liking the new feature additions. Some of them might've been handy for this project I've been working on recently, ah well:)
  4. houseofdeadleg

    Some recent work

    I haven't posted much here recently but thought I'd show a few things I've done in AD over the last couple o' months.
  5. houseofdeadleg

    Brush creation

    Is there any explanation anywhere that shows the brush creation process for AD/AP, especially with reference to what all the individual sliders/options affect? I've created a few brushes but largely it feels like stumbling across a particular effect by accident rather than design.
  6. houseofdeadleg

    Affinity Photo and Designer 1.6 have launched!

    I'm torn. On the one hand, the updates look absolutely great from the quick play I've just had. On the other, none of my work got picked to be on the welcome screen, so… grrrrr
  7. houseofdeadleg

    Masking with brush

    Think I've sorted it for now. I recreated the brushes from scratch and they work as expected, so not sure why they were doing what they were doing.
  8. I've just been playing around with masking shapes with some new brushes I've been working on. A couple of the brushes show a big white square shape around them when masking, but not when painting otherwise, what would cause this? They're set up in the same way as all the other brushes that don't have this issue.
  9. houseofdeadleg

    Brush creation

    @KiLa That's a good one, would be good to find some good ones on raster brushes as well.
  10. houseofdeadleg

    Affinity Photo for iPad - 1.6.2

    Aw, would love to get this but I only have an iPad mini:(
  11. houseofdeadleg

    The King's Hat

    Something I've been working on recently - http://houseofdeadleg.co.uk/portfolio/the-kings-hat/
  12. houseofdeadleg

    The King's Hat

    I did most of it on the fly, directly to AD. The only thing that existing prior to that was the crown, which I doodled to test out some pens a couple of years ago. I was stuck for something to draw, so I thought I'd do a better version in AD, then of course a crown needs someone to wear it, and so on and so forth. Number two of what could turn into a bit of series is attached.
  13. houseofdeadleg

    The King's Hat

    @Aammppaa thanks:) started off as something just for fun, but it's given me some ideas for a story, so maybe one day it could be a book. @peter it's not a font, I drew the lettering by hand
  14. houseofdeadleg

    AD Resizing artboard

    I'm at a late stage in an illustration and finding that I need to resize the artboard, but when I try to do it the whole thing goes crazy, layers go missing, things shift out of alignment and to make matters worse, the undo function doesn't have any effect.
  15. It does this already, unless I'm misunderstanding something - select the "Show selection in layers palette" in the User Interface section of the preferences.
  16. houseofdeadleg

    Swatches disappear

    In AD in the draw persona, if I open up a Pantone library, then switch to Pixel persona, all my swatches disappear. If I go back into draw persona they don't come back. Closing/reopening the document doesn't help, but restarting AD does.
  17. houseofdeadleg

    Brush cursor persistence

    Any word on when this issue may be fixed?
  18. houseofdeadleg

    Crash on duplicate

    I'm using the latest versions of AD and AP, and I'm in the middle of trying to finish off an illustration. Every time I try to duplicate a pixel layer in AD it crashes. Interestingly, it does the same if I try to do duplicate it in AP as well.
  19. houseofdeadleg


    @jokerat It's all vector shapes with texture added with pixel-brushes. The line work is done with vector brushes.
  20. houseofdeadleg


    I'm pretty good friends with the vector side of AD, but recently I've been spending some time getting to know the raster side. I also got a copy of Affinity Photo as well, and so far it's really good. I spent my lunch breaks last week making and playing with brushes, this is the first thing I've used some of them for. Not quite 100% finished I don't think, but we'll see when I get round to doing any more on her.
  21. houseofdeadleg

    Crash on duplicate

    I've just seen this in a different thread… I was trying to duplicate a pixel layer that was in a symbol, so possibly this is a known issue.
  22. houseofdeadleg

    Printing an AD file

    Hi Lee, Sorry, should've specified, I'm on the Mac version. Not sure if that option is on there?
  23. When I print an AD file, the majority of the pixel layers don't print. If I export and print the jpg/png it's fine, it's just from the native AD flle. Any thoughts?
  24. houseofdeadleg

    Crash on duplicate

    Hi Jon, Sorry, only just seen this. It happened a couple of times. I found that if I saved it as a new AD file it would then let me duplicate again (until the next time it happened). Not sure I've still got one of the problem files but will have a look.
  25. houseofdeadleg

    Line Textures

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but any idea if this will be introduced at some point? Applying a raster stroke to follow a vector path (but on a seperate layer) is something you can do easily in Photoshop, seems strange that it can't be done in AP.