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  1. The system is now stable. I am sorry I have not provided any crash logs. I have not had any problems since I did a cold restart of the MAC. I suggest you close the job. I will report again should it recur. I am not able to reproduce this. Best regards
  2. I had this problem in early 2020. I never found out why. BUT I did find that if I deleted my printer and then reinstalled it, all was OK after that. The bug reappeared every time there was an update of AD. So I have spent the year deleting and reinstalling my printer! Not much help but maybe a work-around for you.
  3. Thanks for your reply I have a 2017 27" MAC with 8GB RAM. It has 1 TB fusion drive (SSD?). I have no complaints about AD - it has always been superb. I think the problem is a combination of circumstances and usage. Maybe it goes across Apple/AD/HP Printer ( I have had problems about printer for two years with AD (after any upgrade fo Ad I have had to delete and reinstall printer HP Envy Photo). Since my last I have restarted my Mac and all seems normal at the moment. My disc is 1TB fusion drive with. 616GB free out of 1.03 TB Please ask me some questions if you wish. Sorry I am so vague!
  4. I now think that the is not necessarily an AD problem. It may be because I have only 8Gb memory. My normal memory usage is 4.2 Gb. So maybe even a small AD file can cause me to use all available. I will keep a watch on it. AD is magnificent so I don't want to stop using it!
  5. I have now had two crashes over a period of 3 days. With fairly small files when trying to save. In the first crash I got an out of memory error and was forced to 'Force Quit' I rebooted Mac and found that Finder had lost all reference to files and my desktop did not restore. Only option was to revert to an earlier backup of the system using time machine. Lost a lot of work. Second crash occurred today and again on an attempt to save. Now scared to use AD!
  6. Thanks. I'll leave you and the team to sort it. I am not doing anything important so I will check again tomorrow. Thanks for your help. Paul
  7. Here is the crash report from Affinity Photo: APhoto Crash report.pages
  8. Affinity Photo crashes in the same way. It too is updated to 1.8.1. Have also tried with Affinity Publisher. This does NOT crash. It is however V1.7.3. I could update this to 1.8.1 and then see if it crashes!? I have tried pages and numbers but they do not crash. However is may be a combination of Catalina OS and your new upgrade.
  9. HP Envy Photo 6324. No problems with any other application. Regards
  10. Here is a recording: Launch AD then create new doc then draw something then just ask for a print and BOOM! Aaagh! Screen_Recording_2020-02-27_at_14_08_18.mov
  11. Thanks for your speedy reply: Yes it is still an issue. I checked this morning and noted that an auto upgrade to 1.8.1 had taken place. However the problem still exists. Regards Paul
  12. AD updated today to V1.8.0. Now regardless of drawing it crashes when the File>Print command is given. Print dialogue does not appear. Application close. I am running Catalina V10.15.3 on Apple MAC
  13. Having defined a symbol and then created several instances in (say) a layer. You can't switch off/on the visibility of any one instance separately - all instances are either on or off. The visible property should be attached to the instance not the symbol definition.
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