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What kind of gradient did you apply to the fill, and how many colour stops does it have?

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22 minutes ago, GenewalDesign said:

Hello @pangloy,

If I understand, you made a vector drawing inside Designer, then exported it as EPS, right?

Where do you see the pixelated zoom, after opening the EPS file back inside Designer?

"Draw", "export to EPS" and "open EPS" in Affinity Designer ✍️


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1 hour ago, pangloy said:

EPS is not vector?

Oui. En principe.
Mais vous pouvez avoir une entête EPS et des données constituées de pixels. Au vue de votre exemple, il y a, en plus, une grosse compression jpg. Ce qui est , de mon point de vue, une fausse bonne idée.


Yes. In principle.
But you can have an EPS header and data consisting of pixels. In view of your example, there is, in addition, a large jpg compression. Which is, in my opinion, a  wrong good idea.

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Voici un fichier designer. A gauche l'ellipse rouge avec de la transparence. A droite non.
Ouverture du fichier EPS exporté.  Et, surprise...
Il vaut mieux éviter le format EPS et privilégier des formats qui supporte les transparences, les effets, les données... Natifs ou pdf.


Here is a designer file. On the left the red ellipse with transparency. On the right not.
Opening the exported EPS file.  And, surprise...
It is better to avoid the EPS format and prefer formats that support transparencies, effects, data... Native or pdf.



test_af_eps.eps test_eps.eps

1 cœur - 2 poumons - 1 chose à la fois.
Windows 10 Pro 21H2 - Intel Core i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz - 16 Gb Ram - GeForce GT 650M - Intel HD 4000
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6 hours ago, wonderings said:

This does not answer your question but why are you saving to EPS? If you are working in Designer and no one else is touching it to work on it in Illustrator why not leave it the native Designer file?

I upload my vector to photostock website and it must be EPS 😀


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@pangloy I recommend checking out the following suggestion post on the forums for exporting EPS files to stock websites -

As mentioned by other users, rasterisation can occur in EPS files, depending on the contents of your Affinity document - as not all supported properties in Affinity are supported vector properties of the EPS format.

15 hours ago, GenewalDesign said:

1st time, I exported with the "EPS (for export)" preset. Opened the EPS inside Designer, my shape and vector properties were still present.

Did the same thing, but with "EPS (flatten)". And I got the same result as yours.

Using 'EPS (flatten)' will always rasterise the document into images layers and then export it to EPS, so please never use this export preset if you need a vector file. Equally ensure that 'rasterise everything' in the export dialog is not ticked :)

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Bonjour à tous
Le format postscript brut est .ps.
Longtemps le format eps a été utilisé dans les applications de mise en page car il permettait d'avoir un fichier postscript avec une prévisualition.
Après est arrivé le fait de pouvoir compresser les données en jpg. Ce qui est une hérésie et qui a eu pour effet de faire entrer dans des flux des fichiers jpg qui ne portent pas leur nom.
Ainsi que des images constituées de pixels avec une entête eps. Ce qui n'en fait pas pour autant des fichiers postscript, mais cela permettait d'importer rapidement des fichiers volumineux car seule la prévisualisation (plus légère) était lue.
Les application évoluant, le format eps est devenu inadapté (mais aussi trop verbeux) pour soutenir les nouvelles possibilités offertes, transparence, effet. Ensuite sont arrivées les données, le multi-versions...
Enregistrer un document vectoriel contenant effet, transparence... en eps provoque l'aplatissement des transparences.
Le format PDF est devenu le format en vigueur. Évidemment les formats natifs des applications fonctionnent très bien et sont souvent à privilégier.
Et pour les images, aujourd'hui, les formats classiques fonctionnent très bien (et selon la nature du fichier).


Hello everyone.
The raw postscript format is .ps.
For a long time the eps format was used in page layout applications because it allowed to have a postscript file with a preview.
After that came the ability to compress the data into jpg. This is a heresy and had the effect of entering into streams of jpg files that do not bear their name.
As well as images made of pixels with an eps header. This does not make them postscript files, but it allowed to import large files quickly because only the preview (lighter) was read.
The applications evolving, the eps format has become unsuitable (but also too verbose) to support the new possibilities offered, transparency, effect. Then came the data, the multi-versions...
Saving a vector document containing effect, transparency... in eps causes the transparencies to be flattened.
The PDF format became the current format. Obviously the native formats of the applications work very well and are often to be preferred.
And for images, today, the classic formats work very well (and depending on the nature of the file).



1 cœur - 2 poumons - 1 chose à la fois.
Windows 10 Pro 21H2 - Intel Core i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz - 16 Gb Ram - GeForce GT 650M - Intel HD 4000
Affinity Photo | Affinity Designer | Affinity Publisher | 2.0.0

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