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  1. Hello. 🙏 Why they have 1 pixel between 2 objects. (Affinity designer) Same as when I use DIVIDE, they have 1 pixel between 2 objects too Thank you so much. 🙏
  2. Hello. 🙏 How to snap this? (Affinity designer) Snapping is enable. and all options inside are selected. Thank you so much. 🙏
  3. Conical Gradient error? (Affinity Designer) Hello. I want to do a vecter. Another Gradient color is perfect vector(Nothing will be rasterized) But THE CONICAL Gradient is raster (not vector)?? - I do not use any noise effect - I do not use any texture - I do not use any brush So Sad. 😢 How I do. Please. 🙏😢
  4. I upload my vector to photostock website and it must be EPS 😀 @wonderings
  5. "Draw", "export to EPS" and "open EPS" in Affinity Designer ✍️
  6. Hello. I thought EPS is vector until I zoom EPS file. EPS is not vector? Thank you so much.
  7. At 9:00 of this video Just hold a mouse button down and dot automatic fill border of shape. 😮 How to do that? Thank you. ❤️
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