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Locking artboard doesnt work for "select same" and "select object"

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If we have multiple artboards and we lock some of them, using new "select same" and "select object" options will also select elements on locked artboards. Elements selected in that way can be manipulated, deleted etc. This obviously may lead to many unwanted situations where we feel safe because we have locked artboard, but something got deleted/moved anyways, while we were working on other artboard.

I think this makes new, great functionality very limited when we are working with artboards. Clearly would be better to perform selection only on currently selected/active artboards or only on these that are not locked. Whatever is locked should be... well, locked ;) Thats the whole point of locking it :D

Thanks for great additions, please kindly consider fixing current behavior.

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Hi Nezumi,

Thanks for the suggestions. We do have an improvement logged that Select Same/Object should adhere to the 'Edit All Layers' setting on the Layers Panel. This would allow you to restrict the selection to the currently selected Artboard.

I'll get your comments passed over.

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why not just adding the option with holding "ctrl" while clicking?

so for example.

clicking on "select same / fill color" it selects the objects in the whole document -> status quo.

but with holding "ctrl" while clicking "select same / fill color" only the objects of the active artboard get selected.


it would be a fast and easy way and would spare additional clicks to activate/deactivate the "edit all layers" setting.

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For me, this is a use case that definitely needs to be addressed. I'm over the moon that Select Same has been released with 1.9, but as someone with multiple artboards each containing a variation of a composition it unfortunately means the current implementation has a big blind spot.

Here's my use case:
I get to a milestone with a composition, so I duplicate the artboard and get to work on the next iteration. I want to select all curves with a green stroke applied, but unfortunately this also selects all that apply across all artboards and so I either have to go through the previous process of manually selecting the paths on the current artboard and making the desired change, or using Select Same > Stroke Colour and then deselecting all of the selected curves on other artboards. Neither of these is ideal obviously.

Locking artboards would solve the issue of course, but it sounds from Sean P's comment that in future it would be limited by the selection in the Layers panel - which would also solve it.

I guess this was a very roundabout way of saying "+1" :)

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