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  1. why not just adding the option with holding "ctrl" while clicking? so for example. clicking on "select same / fill color" it selects the objects in the whole document -> status quo. but with holding "ctrl" while clicking "select same / fill color" only the objects of the active artboard get selected. it would be a fast and easy way and would spare additional clicks to activate/deactivate the "edit all layers" setting.
  2. changing the "paragraph leading" (studio panel -> paragraph) value and also "leading override" (studio panel -> character) doesn't change value when pressing cursor up/down on the keyboard. other values like "text height" or "tracking" etc work (also with 10unit steps when holding shift). software: designer / platform: win10pro
  3. one feature which i always like in some tools, is the ability to set visibility of multiple layers with just one click and then slide along the layers while holding mousedown. would love to see it also in your tools. software: affinity designer, platform: win10 pro
  4. nope. talking about designer. forgot to mention that.
  5. only thing i am missing right now (or did i overlook it?), is an info panel, where i can see color values and coordinates of the actual mouse cursor position. ideally the color value field is configurable to define what color model is shown (like rgb, hsl,...). everything else so far is really fun to work with. its so much less annoying than illustrator ^^
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